Championing men’s wellness

Dr Lalitha is breaking barriers in this domain and also leading the brand Moder/ate, which offers tailored health and lifestyle solutions for men.  
Dr Lalitha Palle.
Dr Lalitha Palle.

HYDERABAD:  Even in today’s society shedding light on men’s wellness and prevalent issues are often overlooked. As International Men’s Day approaches (November 19), CE gets in touch with Dr Lalitha Palle who has been a pioneer in men’s wellness, challenging the prevailing stigma around discussing men’s health.

Dr Lalitha is breaking barriers in this domain and also leading the brand Moder/ate, which offers tailored health and lifestyle solutions for men.  

Reflecting on her journey in healthcare, Dr Lalitha shares, “I grew up in Hyderabad, completed my MBBS and MD in radiology. After practicing radiology for 12 years, I transitioned to administration. I pursued entrepreneurship courses at ISB and served as the Vice President of Yashoda Hospitals’ Secunderabad branch for nearly a decade. Eventually, after two decades, I felt compelled to give back to society by focusing on preventive health and wellness. Witnessing preventable illnesses and their emotional and financial toll on patients and families motivated me to shift my focus. This led me to venture beyond hospitals and into the realm of health and wellness.”

The drive behind prioritising men’s wellness stems from alarming trends in declining men’s health, including hormonal imbalances, decreasing testosterone levels, fertility challenges, hair loss, and performance concerns. Dr Lalitha aims to tackle these issues, often concealed and overlooked, through her brand Moder/ate. Specifically, Moder/ate addresses rising lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity, aiming to transform these concerns into lifestyle choices rather than merely medical conditions. 

Her approach extends beyond products, encompassing a comprehensive outreach strategy. Leveraging digital platforms and a dedicated website, Dr Lalitha and her team disseminate accurate, scientifically backed information, countering the ambiguity prevalent in online health resources. Acknowledging men’s hesitance to openly discuss health issues, she devised a digital clinic ensuring anonymity, allowing individuals to seek guidance without reservation.

Regarding the taboo around discussing men’s health, Dr Lalitha observes, “The younger generation is more open to discussing various health issues, such as mental health, hair health, and performance. However, there’s still hesitation when it comes to seeking prescriptions or medicines. To address this, we offer a digital clinic for anonymous consultations and provide tailored allopathic or non-allopathic solutions through our website and tele-health services.”

Asked about prioritising men’s wellness over women’s health, Dr Lalitha emphasises the unaddressed nature of men’s health problems. She notes, “Many times, in cases of infertility, the issue lies with the male partner, yet they are hesitant to seek help. Psychological and mental health concerns among men are also on the rise, often related to performance, but there’s a lack of platforms for open discussion and support.”
Ultimately, Dr Lalitha advocates four fundamental pillars for improved well-being: a mindful diet, regular physical activity, stress management, and adequate sleep. By promoting these lifestyle adjustments, she envisions a life of enhanced quality and well-being for all.

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