Redefining beauty the Kriti Sanon way

From ideation to production, the journey for Hyphen was a focused and intensive one. It took them approximately 12 months to bring their skincare line to fruition
Kriti Sanon. (Photo | Express)
Kriti Sanon. (Photo | Express)

HYDERABAD: Kriti Sanon’s life journey revolves around skincare, and to make a mark, she has now created her own skincare brand. During this exciting endeavour, she crossed paths with Team mCaffeine. Recognising their shared vision and passion for skincare, Kriti and Vaishali Gupta, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at mCaffeine, joined forces. Kriti’s involvement in the brand goes beyond just being a Co-Founder. She actively participates in various aspects, including product formulation, research, and meticulous attention to detail. This includes rigorous testing of all products by herself and personally overseeing the design of packaging and other critical elements, all aimed at ensuring unmatched quality and effectiveness.

Talking about her plans to build the brand with a strong product and customer portfolio, Kriti says, “Building the brand involves a comprehensive approach. We prioritise product excellence by leveraging innovative research and development. Our focus is on creating a diverse portfolio of high-performing skincare solutions that cater to a wide range of skin concerns. At the core of our strategy is an unwavering commitment to understanding and meeting our customer’s needs, thus establishing a strong rapport and a loyal customer base.”

From ideation to production, the journey for Hyphen was a focused and intensive one. It took them approximately 12 months to bring their skincare line to fruition. “Working with Kriti has been a dynamic and inspiring experience. Her dedication to quality and her deep understanding of consumer preferences have greatly influenced Hyphen’s journey. Kriti’s involvement extends beyond her influence; she contributes to product ideation, design, and marketing strategies, ensuring a seamless synergy between her vision and our brand ethos,” shares Vaishali, when asked about her experience of working with Kriti.

According to Kriti, Barrier Care Cream from her brand is her favourite due to its transformative effects on improving the skin barrier and texture. Interestingly, when it comes to fashion, she believes in being comfortable and confident. “I believe that style should reflect your personality, and I’m a fan of mixing classic pieces with a touch of modern flair,” says Kriti who bagged the Best Actor (Female) Award at the 69th National Film Awards for her role in Mimi.

Elaborating about her passion for becoming an actor initially and winning accolades, she says, “It all started with loving the process of shooting and realising I could act, and I enjoyed it. The world of cinema has always fascinated me. It was the art of storytelling through various characters that drew me in. The magic of storytelling and the ability to immerse myself in different roles inspired me to become an actor. My journey as an actor so far has been profoundly fulfilling, akin to living out a dream and an ongoing process of continuous learning. I’ve endeavoured to unlock my untapped potential, leveraging each opportunity to delve deeper into my abilities.

“If I were to pinpoint a pivotal moment in my journey that has been both challenging and immensely transformative, it would undoubtedly be my role in Mimi. Portraying the lead character and carrying the weight of the film on my shoulders was an enriching experience. The character’s complex evolution, encompassing a spectrum of emotions and shades, provided a remarkable opportunity for exploration. The challenge was not only physical, as I underwent a significant transformation to embody the character, but also emotional, delving into the character’s profound journey. The validation and recognition received for the portrayal made every ounce of effort invested, both physically and emotionally, entirely worthwhile.”

For the uninitiated, Kriti finds solace in spending quality time with her loved ones, simply unwinding in the comfort of her bed while watching movies or indulging in an OTT binge session. “From my ongoing film projects to the inception of  Blue Butterfly Films, my production house, and the exciting journey of The Tribe, my fitness brand, alongside the recent launch of Hyphen, the enthusiasm is palpable,” signs off Kriti while sharing about her future plans.

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