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PVR Raja’s exceptional talent has earned him accolades beyond his latest recognition.
Music composer PVR Raja
Music composer PVR Raja

HYDERABAD: City-based music composer PVR Raja has successfully got his name registered in the India Book of Records for the year 2024, composing music for a maximum number of short Telugu films. We had a chat with him to uncover his musical journey. 

In a remarkable feat that echoes the harmonies of success, the city-based music composer PVR Raja has earned his place in the India Book of Records. His latest certification, titled “Music composed by an individual for maximum short Telugu films,” solidifies his position as an artistic trailblazer.

With an artistic journey that spans around two decades in the entertainment industry, Raja’s musical feat is nothing short of inspirational. Having composed mesmerising scores for an astounding 250 short, independent, documentary, and OTT films, Raja’s melodies effortlessly transcend linguistic barriers as he weaves magic in Telugu, English, Hindi, Tamil, and even silent films. The genres he effortlessly embraces range from the classical, country and devotional, to captivating folk tunes, in addition to film music across various languages.

PVR Raja’s exceptional talent has earned him accolades beyond his latest recognition. The composer already boasts three prestigious certificates from the International Book of Records, under the titles, ‘A maximum number of strumming on a guitar in 30 seconds,’ ‘Shortest chromatic music composed on guitar’ and ‘Maximum guitar chords played in 10 seconds.’ 

Out of the remarkable 250 films that have been graced with Raja’s musical genius, the India Book of Records has considered around 150 Telugu short films, excluding independent films, those that are not in Telugu and those that are of longer durations. “This certification is a testament to the love and passion we, as artists, invest in our work,” Raja shares with enthusiasm. “It fuels my drive to create more powerful and inspiring compositions for my audiences.”

Raja’s journey into the world of music began during his student days at Maharajah’s Government College of Music and Dance in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh. With a thirst for knowledge and an inherent talent, he immersed himself in the art of Carnatic vocal and veena, while also mastering the guitar. After relocating to Hyderabad in 2005, Raja’s patience and persistence paid off when he landed his big break as a music director with the short film Arya 3, setting the stage for his other major compositions.

Asked about his inspiration, Raja humbly reflects, “My compositions are a reflection of my sense of responsibility towards society, my understanding of human emotions, and the sheer love I have for my work.” Such dedication and devotion to his craft form the very essence of his soulful music.

Throughout his journey, Raja acknowledges the influence of a few significant people in his journey, including AR Rahman’s Mandolin player SM Subhani, Keeravani’s Keyboard programmer Siddharth S, Manisharma’s programmer Balu, and Vaidhyanath Reddy. These influential figures have been instrumental in shaping his musical odyssey, enabling him to continually elevate the quality of his compositions.

Among his impressive repertoire of 250 films, Raja holds a special place in his heart for his hundredth film, Okka Kshanam, an MR Productions’ 2018 short film, for which he was not just a music composer, but also contributed lyrics  As he continues to captivate audiences with his melodies, his upcoming projects include  OTT films like Sonu and Janu and Arshi, along with a lyrical video Jai Shree Ram and a musical video Dosthi.

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