Remembering Shakespeare through soliloquies

Nishumbita School of Drama in Hyderabad organised a special event titled ‘An Evening with Shakespeare’.
Remembering Shakespeare through soliloquies

HYDERABAD: As the lights dimmed and soft music filled the air, three iconic characters from the timeless works of William Shakespeare graced the stage for ‘An Evening with Shakespeare’ at Nishumbita School of Drama. Each performance was a captivating portrayal that left the audience spellbound. The date, April 23, holds special significance as it marks the birth anniversary of one of the greatest writers in the English language, William Shakespeare. In celebration of this occasion, Nishumbita School of Drama in Hyderabad organised a special event titled ‘An Evening with Shakespeare’.

The actors breathed life into Shakespearean characters, skillfully expressing their innermost thoughts, troubles, and emotions. The soliloquies by the female characters - Helena from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Lady Macbeth from Macbeth, and a young lady from A Lover’s Complaint — deeply touched the hearts of the audience. Through their mesmerising performances, the audience was able to empathise and connect with the experiences of these three female characters.

Dr Ram Holagundi, the founder of Nishumbita and the director of the performances in ‘An Evening with Shakespeare,’ expressed, “Every year, it’s a mark of gratitude which we love to show towards that person who has left such an indelible mark even after so many years.” Regarding the selection of Shakespearean characters for the performance, he emphasised his desire to bring forth rare characters, such as dramatising a sonnet like A Lover’s Complaint. He aimed to showcase a spectrum of emotions including tragedy, sacrifice, and ambition through the three performances.

Admirers of Shakespeare from various parts of Hyderabad attended the event, engaging in discussions about Shakespeare’s work and sharing trivia about the Bard during interactions between acts.

Actor Chandani Agarwal, who portrayed Lady Macbeth, shared insights into her preparation for the role, emphasising the physicality required, from washing hands in metaphorical blood to commanding the higher parts of the stage. She elaborated, “I focus on the physical elements. The simple act of washing my hands was what I focused on. And from that, I built my emotions.” Meanwhile, Devika Das, who embodied a young lady from Shakespeare’s poem A Lover’s Complaint, discussed her process of preparing for a romantic role and how it differed from more robust characters. She expressed, “It has made me feel very lighter about myself,” crediting her fellow actors for contributing to her preparation.

‘An Evening with Shakespeare’ celebrated the enduring influence of William Shakespeare through his female characters, highlighting his timeless relevance and resonating with audiences even today. The event paid homage to Shakespeare’s profound impact on the world of theatre and beyond, demonstrating how his work continues to be cherished by people worldwide, even after more than five centuries.

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