Embracing self-love this Valentine's Day

People express affection towards their partners and loved ones, yet amidst the fervour of spreading love, we often overlook the importance of self-love.
Actress Adah Sharma.
Actress Adah Sharma.

HYDERABAD: Love permeates the air, particularly on February 14, also known as Valentine’s Day, saturating every corner with its essence. People express affection towards their partners and loved ones, yet amidst the fervour of spreading love, we often overlook the importance of self-love. This Valentine’s Day prompts us to pause and reflect on whether we truly extend love towards ourselves and honour every aspect of our being. After all, what is love if it doesn’t originate from within?

With this in mind, CE speaks with celebrities who share their thoughts on the significance of self-love during this season.

‘Love manifests in countless forms’

For me, self-love is found in doing what brings me the greatest joy — immersing myself in music, dance, and the serenity of nature. Love, to me, is expressed through my words, my emotions, and my actions towards others. It manifests in countless forms: the tender connection between a mother and child, the unwavering bond between a little girl and her beloved pet, the warmth of true friendship, and the selfless dedication of those who care for animals in shelters.

Adah Sharma, actress

‘Self-love is a necessity’

What’s created today for us is an atmosphere of idealism. In this era, mindsets have shifted, and self-love has emerged as a vital necessity. However, adhering to the traditional values of the old school, I firmly believe that love is fundamentally about giving to one another. To me, love embodies a source of peace and joy, providing inner strength and serving as a comforting refuge —a true sense of home.

Sundeep Kishan, actor & producer

‘Love yourself first’

I’m continually amazed by the remarkable capabilities of humans. We possess the ingenuity to solve complex puzzles, the audacity to land on the moon, and the agility to achieve remarkable feats. Amidst all these abilities, one stands out as the most potent: the capacity to love and be loved. It’s this ability that imbues life with magic. In a world often quantified and explained by logic and equations, love remains an enigma — a fusion of countless emotions and hormones that defies simple definition. While finding love externally is indeed a blessing, its sustenance hinges on a crucial foundation: self-love. Without it, love from others can dissipate. Trust me, if you don’t love yourself as deeply as your partner loves you, that partner may eventually seek someone who does.

Harshvardhan Rane, actor

‘It’s imperative to nurture self-love’

My perspective on self-love revolves around cultivating a sense of resilience in embracing one’s true identity. In today’s highly interconnected and social world, it’s tempting to lose oneself amidst the crowd. However, I firmly believe that establishing healthy boundaries and recognising one’s inherent worth not only fosters self-respect but also earns the respect of others. Vulnerability, though often seen as a weakness, is a rare quality that requires courage to display. Yet, discerning when and with whom to share this vulnerability is crucial in today’s complex landscape. I see life as a journey to unravel the true essence of love, which begins from within. It’s imperative to nurture self-love, allowing oneself to evolve, make mistakes, and glean wisdom from them. Embracing the fluidity of life, without imposing rigid plans, allows us to embrace the unexpected turns that love presents. This year’s Valentine’s Day holds special significance for me as we release Bhamakalapam 2, and I’ll be spending it with my team. Consider it a special gift from me to my fans.

Seerat Kapoor, actress

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