Honouring a musician for musicians

The musical world is in grief as Vidwan D Seshachary passed away recently. As a tribute to him, Vennapusala Ramya connects with musicians across the city, remembering him and honouring his legacy
Vidwan D Seshachary
Vidwan D Seshachary

‘His influence has shaped my musical journey’

I’ve had a deep relationship with the Hyderabad Brothers — D Raghavachary and D Seshachary for the past four decades. Beginning with Carnatic music kacheris in the traditional Telugu style during the 1990s, their journey has taken us to mesmerise audiences worldwide, capturing the hearts of many along the way. My association with D Seshachary garu at All India Radio has been an immense honour. His treatment of me as a brother is an experience I deeply cherish. I was fortunate to participate in kacheris alongside the Hyderabad Brothers, including exclusive concerts in America and Chennai featuring vocal and veena performances. This was an extraordinary privilege for me. D Seshachary’s delivery of concerts and keerthanas is exceptionally inspirational for both young and upcoming artistes. His influence has significantly shaped my musical journey, leaving an indelible mark that I deeply appreciate.

— Veena D Srinivas, Veena artiste

‘I lost my right hand’

Very shocking for our entire family especially for me! I lost my strength. I have lost my right hand. He was an intelligent musician, a musician for musicians. I have no words to express my sorrow.

— D Raghavachary, Carnatic vocalist, Elder brother of Hyderabad Brothers

‘His contributions will always be remembered’

It’s indeed a profound loss for the musical world. While Carnatic music is very prominent in the Tamil Nadu region, numerous remarkable artistes from the Telugu states have showcased their immense talent and Hyderabad Brothers stands out among the eminent vidwans. They have been stalwarts in representing Telugu culture through their concerts, leaving an enduring legacy. Its sad to hear one of those great vidwans D Seshachary is no more. His unique style of singing, inspires a lot of students. Under his guidance, many secured prominent positions in the musical world. His contributions to Carnatic music will always be remembered and cherished.

— Uma Venkateshwarlu Komerla, Flute artiste

‘His guidance extended beyond classical music’

As a disciple of the Hyderabad Brothers, the passing of

D Seshachary garu is a deeply personal loss. He taught every minute aspect of Carnatic classical music to his students without holding anything back. He ensured that every student became proficient in whatever he taught. His guidance extended beyond classical music to life skills as well. On one occasion, I performed a Facebook live concert, and he heard it. He immediately called me to appreciate that I had incorporated all the sangatis he taught me. He expressed his happiness that he could see himself in my performance. No words can adequately express the sorrow that we are all experiencing due to his passing.

— Dr Swarnna Mangalampalli, Carnatic vocalist and disciple of Hyderabad Brothers

‘His students are truly fortunate to have a teacher like him’

Seshachary is my guru under whom I’ve had the privilege of studying for 25 years. When I first started learning from him, I was just Subbalakshmi, but thanks to him, I have been recognised as Hyderabad Subbalakshmi. His students were truly fortunate to have a teacher like him, as he cared deeply for us and ensured that we understood ragas and keerthanas within specified time, treating us as if we were his own family. One particularly memorable moment with my guru was when I performed at the Ramadasu Music Festival. Feeling disheartened by my performance, I left home, but it was Balasubramanian sir who insisted that my guru accept the medal on my behalf. It was a touching moment.

— N Subbalakhmi, Carnatic vocalist and disciple of D Seshachary

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