Hyderabad’s judo prodigy shines

Emphasising on recovery and a nutritious diet has significantly contributed to my progress.
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For representational purposes

HYDERABAD: Judo, often overlooked, is a captivating sport involving unarmed combat between two dedicated sportsmen. Among the many unsung heroes of this sport stands Hassan Ali Bawazeer, a passionate Judoka from Hyderabad. At 25, Hassan sheds light on this lesser-known yet profound game and shares his journey within it.

Describing his fervour for the sport, Hassan states, “I am a fervent, performance-oriented Judoka with a proven track record in field sports. My expertise lies in training judo, devising plans, and consistently monitoring progress, emphasising practice diversity and knowledge.”

Pics | Vinay Madapu
Pics | Vinay Madapu

Delving deeper into the sport, he explains, “My journey in judo commenced in 2009. It’s a modern Japanese martial art, an Olympic sport since 1964, recognised globally for its form of jacket wrestling.”
Reflecting on his initiation into judo, Hassan credits his father and coach, remarking, “I owe my introduction to this sport to my father and coach. It's structured teaching not only ensures safety during training but also instils self-discipline, resilience, and respect.”

Sharing his evolution over the years, Hassan remarks, “With 14 years invested in judo and continuous support from my coach, senior players, and family, I’ve witnessed substantial growth. To excel in judo demands rigorous practice, a quality training environment, understanding its principles, maintaining a balanced diet, selecting appropriate gear, mastering preferred techniques, and fostering respect. Emphasising on recovery and a nutritious diet has significantly contributed to my progress. I’ve temporarily provided judo training to students in various schools and colleges.”

Acknowledging the pivotal role of support in sports, Hassan emphasises, “The unwavering support from my parents, coach, and the community has been instrumental in securing 10 National Level medals.”Offering guidance to aspiring enthusiasts, Hassan shares, “Failure is a part of life’s journey, especially evident early on. It’s often associated with stigma, but it shouldn’t define us. It’s a learning opportunity, a stepping stone towards growth.

Persistence in endeavours that foster personal development is key.” Looking ahead in his journey, Hassan expresses, “My aspiration is to represent my country on the international stage, bringing laurels not just for myself but for my nation and family. I’ve relentlessly worked towards this dream for a decade. Currently, I’m dedicated to educating young minds about the significance of this sport, aiming to nurture more healthy medalists for our nation.”

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