Ahoy Telugu chocolatier!

Through extensive research and development, they have perfected the process of bringing superior-quality chocolates to the world.
Akhil Gandhi at his cacao
Akhil Gandhi at his cacao

HYDERABAD: We often associate chocolate with various places around the world, but what if we told you that there’s a unique place where rich cocoa beans are sourced — right in the heart of Telugu culture? Yes, you read it correctly. Rajahmundry, nestled in the beauty of Telugu traditions, is the home to a cacao plantation that produces exceptional quality chocolate. The creative minds behind this venture are Akhil and Prathina Gandhi, a duo dedicated to the art of crafting premium chocolates known as Bon Fiction. Through extensive research and development, they have perfected the process of bringing superior-quality chocolates to the world.

During a delightful chocolate tasting session, we had the opportunity to engage with Akhil, the brain behind the venture. He shared insights into the unique flavours and the thought process that led to the creation of Bon Fiction chocolates. Akhil explained, “We are introducing seven new variants, including 99 percent dark chocolate, white chocolate with blue pea matcha and blueberries, aptly named Matcha Prince and the Blue Pea.

The indulgence of dark coconut milk chocolate with coconut sugar, known as The Coconut Covenant, adds another layer to this exquisite collection. Notably, three bars from the seven new flavours received prestigious recognition at the Academy of Chocolate UK 2023, winning one bronze and two silver awards.

The Blue Pea Matcha and An Eclipse of the Senses secured silver, while Matcha Prince and the Blue Pea earned a bronze. Our aim was to provide a taste experience, incorporating elements like sour chocolate, while also conveying the rationale behind launching these diverse flavours.”

Reflecting on his work and the choice of Gaiaa Living as the venue for the event, Akhil stated, “Gaiaa Living’s commitment to sustainable practices and living aligns perfectly with the ethos of Bon Fiction. From our plantation work with local farmers to supporting the community, we take pride in creating a globally appreciated product right here in Rajahmundry.

It’s surprising to many that such exquisite chocolate is crafted in this locality. Initially, I never envisioned becoming a chocolate maker, but our love for experimentation led us to create flavours that we knew people would cherish.”

Akhil also provided a glimpse into the workshop conducted during the chocolate tasting session, saying, “We guided participants through the tasting session of our new flavours, ranging from the intense 99 percent dark chocolate to the 82 percent dark chocolate. Additionally, we introduced vegan milk chocolate. Gaaia Living complemented the experience with a workshop, using Bon Fiction’s cacao powder to create a luxurious body scrub.”

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