YEA launches exclusive app to boost business networking

As individuals, these opportunities are hard to come by, but YEA makes them possible.
Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA)
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HYDERABAD: Young entrepreneurs look up to inspirations and strive to excel in their work. Many communities and associations in cities support young business minds in various ways. One such organisation is the Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA), which recently launched an app showcasing the entrepreneurial journeys of its members. CE spoke to YEA President Ashish Kapoor from Shivpra Cranes Private Limited about the association and the app’s benefits for its members.

When asked about the app’s development and efforts involved, Ashish Kapoor explained, “We launched a directory in 2021, and since then, the app idea has been in the conceptual stage. Implementation took a couple of months, and now we have released the app. It is a restricted app accessible only to members.”

Describing YEA and its functions, he said, “YEA started about 12 years ago. At that time, there were many organisations for businessmen but none focused on younger individuals. We started YEA to bring together young business people, initially allowing members aged 20 to 35. Now, we have adjusted the age criteria slightly. We began with 8 members and now have 89, aiming to reach 100 this year. YEA operates in three main areas — Inviting speakers such as politicians, prominent businessmen, and motivational speakers to conduct sessions for members; taking members to multinational corporations (MNCs) where they can learn and implement new strategies in their own companies and organising social gatherings for members to network and interact.”

Ashish Kapoor
Ashish KapoorPhoto | Exoress

Regarding membership renewal and benefits, Kapoor stated, “Membership is renewed annually, with 2 to 3 intake periods each year. This year, we had an intake in May, and the next one is in September. In April, the board transitions to new members who decide on the number of intakes.”

On the member selection process, he elaborated, “You cannot apply to YEA unless you know a current member who vouches for you. Our forms are not available online. After a member recommends you, you fill out a prospect form, which is reviewed by a board of 7 members. They vote anonymously, and if you receive 2/3rds of the votes, the form goes to the advisory committee, comprised of past Presidents, who also vote. If you pass this stage, you undergo a personal interview and a final round of anonymous voting. Achieving 2/3rds of the votes in this final stage grants you membership.”

Kapoor highlighted the organisation’s benefits, stating, “Networking is the core belief of YEA. If I need assistance or want to meet someone, I can drop a message, and members will help. We also gain access to exclusive opportunities, such as a visit to KIA Motors. As individuals, these opportunities are hard to come by, but YEA makes them possible. We organise one international trip annually; last year, we visited Italy and met with local business people. These are opportunities we wouldn’t get individually.”

Looking ahead, Kapoor mentioned upcoming speakers for their seminars, “In the coming months, we have Dr Kancharla from Global Hospitals, followed by Ashneer Grover.”

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