Kerala on a plate

A celebration of God’s own cuisine at Westin Mindspace Hyderabad with NairOnFire
Kerala on a plate

HYDERABAD: Imagine to immerse yourself in the rich, vibrant flavours of Kerala as NairOnFire, the award-winning Mumbai-based Kerala cuisine specialty brand, collaborated with Westin Mindspace, Hyderabad for an exclusive Chef Residency programme from May 26-31, 2024. This chef’s retreat transported guests straight to the heart of Kerala, showcasing its eclectic and diverse food culture through thoughtfully curated menus.

Started by Chefs Sara Jacob Nair & Vinod G Nair along with Toral Sanghavi, NairOnFire epitomises elevated comfort food boasting of an exotic mélange of Kerala flavours with an interesting blend of Hindu, Islamic and Nasrani cultures. Chefs Sara & Vinod, in their trademark style subverted traditional fine-dining rules with an uncomplicated and flavour-first approach to their cooking, with a fine mastery in balance of flavours on display. CE had the opportunity to indulge in a wide array of Kerala dishes highlighting the rich tapestry of flavours from different regions of the state. Chef Vinod G Nair says, “The rotating menu is our coveted heirloom recipes, brought to life with high-quality, seasonal ingredients and presented with the simplicity that is the hallmark of all things Kerala.”

As soon as we were seated, we were served Raw Banana Fry and Jackfruit Fry as a reminiscent of Kerala tea shop ambience. The dinner kicks off with home-style dishes Chicken 65 and Baby Potato Roast. The Chicken 65 was unique in taste and that was a good thing! The masala coated Fish Fry too was delectable. Next it was time for us to taste Veg Kerala Pani Puri and it was just a flavour bomb. The dahi-based pani served with potato stuffed puri was a delight. The traditional Pothichoru wrapped inside a banana leaf, featuring red rice with Avial, Puliserri, Green Moong Curry, Nadan Chicken Curry, and Buff Pepper Olarthu, takes center stage in the mains. For dessert, we enjoyed Vanilla ice cream with jaggery and coconut shavings. It was surely a perfect conclusion to our sojourn to the land of the backwaters.

The playful and casual yet expertly crafted dishes are sure to take guests on a journey across Kerala making for an unforgettable dining experience.

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