Embrace style, sustainability: Fashion tips for yoga enthusiasts

Yoga practitioners are blending comfort with eco-conscious fashion trends, emphasizing breathable fabrics and vibrant, sustainable designs for a stylish yet mindful practice.
June 21, celebrated as World Yoga Day.
June 21, celebrated as World Yoga Day.File Photo

HYDERABAD : Performing yoga and incorporating it into your daily routine can be quite a challenge. However, the rise of the celebration of yoga has made it even more prominent among people. June 21, celebrated as World Yoga Day, is the perfect opportunity to learn new yoga asanas and understand the importance of practising them daily. This year, let’s add a twist by discussing fashion while practising yoga. Yes, you heard that right! Many of us seek comfort in our yoga outfits, but we also want to look good. CE spoke with yoga experts about the ideal outfits for every asana.

Rina Hindocha, Yoga and Wellness Coach, blends fashion with her yoga practice. She shares what’s trending and fashionable for everyday yoga. “Yoga outfits can be enhanced by blending comfort with personal style while staying eco-conscious. You can mix and match traditional yoga wear with modern pieces made from sustainable fabrics. Incorporating natural handloom fabrics and adding unique accessories like a colourful headband, nose pin, or anklet can personalise your outfit and make it more vibrant,” she says.

Emphasising the importance of comfort, Rina adds, “Comfort in yoga is crucial, and it can be achieved fashionably by choosing outfits made from breathable, eco-friendly fabrics. These should allow for a fitted yet relaxed attire that moves with you. Choose vibrant natural colours that reflect your personality. Look for designs that combine functionality with style, such as high-waisted pants or wrap tops that provide support and are made from materials kind to your skin and the planet.”

On staying trendy, she notes, “Trending yoga outfits include high-waisted leggings, cropped tops, and seamless sports bras that offer both support and style. Eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics are popular, reflecting a growing trend towards conscious fashion. Additionally, vibrant prints, earthy tones, and tie-dye patterns are in vogue, bringing a fresh and lively look to traditional yoga wear.”

Practising yoga in style should always be a priority. Rina explains, “Practicing yoga in style involves choosing outfits that make you feel confident, comfortable, and eco-conscious. Accessorise with items like a yoga mat in gorgeous prints, made from natural biodegradable materials like cork or natural rubber. These mats not only benefit the environment but also provide excellent grip and comfort. Add non-slip stretchy bohemian headbands, lightweight, minimalistic jewellery such as thin bracelets, anklets, or stud earrings. A chic reusable water bottle made from stainless steel or glass keeps you hydrated. A stylish yoga bag made from sustainable fabrics like organic cotton or recycled materials can carry your mat and accessories while complementing your outfits. Ultimately, the key is to feel good in what you are wearing and make your yoga journey enjoyable. Remember, at the end of the day, your practice is what truly matters. These clothing and accessories add a fun element for those who enjoy fashion, but the essence of yoga lies in your dedication and mindfulness.”

Yoga practitioners are blending comfort with eco-conscious fashion trends, emphasizing breathable fabrics and vibrant, sustainable designs.
Yoga practitioners are blending comfort with eco-conscious fashion trends, emphasizing breathable fabrics and vibrant, sustainable designs.

Yoga during pregnancy is another important topic. Sanjana Taneja Dixit, Founder of Positive Ma and Yoga Acharya, shares insights on comfortable outfits for pregnant women practising yoga. “When pregnant, comfort is the most important consideration for yoga as it allows full range of motion, supports changing body needs, promotes breathing and relaxation, helps avoid irritation and injury, and boosts confidence. Finding the right comfortable attire can make a big difference in practice, so take time to create fashion that functions well.”

She offers styling tips for pregnant yoga practitioners, saying, “Choose stretchy and breathable clothes. Opt for loose, flowy tops in breathable materials like cotton or modal to accommodate your growing belly. Invest in maternity activewear. Maternity yoga pants and tops with built-in belly support can provide comfort and coverage. Many brands now offer stylish, pregnancy-specific yoga wear. Layer with cardigans and jackets. Add a lightweight, fitted cardigan or zip-up jacket to create a layered look.

Accessorise thoughtfully with cute headbands, scrunchies, or clips to keep your hair out of your face. Consider simple yoga jewellery like stud earrings or a delicate necklace. Bring a stylish yoga mat tote or strap to complete your outfit. Focus on flattering fits — choose tops and bottoms that skim your curves rather than cling tightly. Look for waistbands that sit comfortably below your belly. Experiment with different styles. Try various cuts and see what’s most comfortable and flattering for your changing body. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces from different activewear brands.”

“The key is balancing functionality with fashion. By prioritising comfort and breathability, you can create yoga outfits that make you feel confident, stylish, and able to fully focus on your practice during pregnancy,” she concludes.

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