Prominent singers reflect on the power of music, Hyderabad's vibrant music scene

Hyderabad-based singers Jonita Gandhi, Shilpa Rao, and Kanika Kapoor share their profound experiences with music, highlighting its healing power.
Singer Jonita Gandhi.
Singer Jonita Gandhi.File Photo

HYDERABAD : Every year on June 21, the world resonates with melodies and rhythms as countries across the globe celebrate World Music Day. This day is a tribute to the universal language of music that transcends borders, unites cultures, and brings people together in harmonious celebration. To celebrate this occasion, CE speaks to prominent singers with multiple chartbusters in both movies and independent music about when did they experience the power and joy of music and the industry scenario in Hyderabad.

Jonita Gandhi

Music has always been a healing force in my life. Ever since I was a little kid I have seen it heal people and bring people together and I feel really blessed that it’s such a big part of my life.

Music in Hyderabad to me means mostly Telugu music because I have fun memories of recording and performing Telugu songs in Hyderabad. It is a beautiful language and some of the most infectious songs. I’ve heard are in Telugu!

Shilpa Rao

Honestly, that joy and power lie in doing music every day. It is in the consistency. The everyday experience of doing music, no matter what, ignites my passion for singing and has continued to inspire me throughout my career, reminding me of music’s unique power to touch hearts and uplift spirits.

The music scenario in Hyderabad is vibrant, and I love performing for the Hyderabad crowd as their energy is infectious. Hyderabad’s rich musical heritage and its openness to new artists make it an exciting place for artistic expression and growth.

Kanika Kapoor

Ever since I started listening to music, I experienced the joy of music. Later on, learning, singing and performing brought a sense of happiness and connection that resonated deeply within me. As I grew older, pursuing music professionally allowed me to witness firsthand how music transcends barriers, evokes emotions, and creates lasting memories for listeners and performers alike. Whether on stage, in the studio, or simply listening to a favourite song, each experience reaffirms the impact of music in my life.

Hyderabad music landscape blends traditional roots with modern innovations. I’ve had the pleasure of performing in Hyderabad sometimes and it has indeed been a great experience. I would love to try and sing in south languages too.

Shalmali Kholgade

It was the final round of solo singing competition in College at Malhar where I experienced the power and joy of music. I was in class 12 then. I sang Desperado by the Eagles. It was me and my dear friend Ronit accompanying me on guitar. As I finished the song, eyes closed, I held the last note longer than required, just to hold on to that moment. It was like everything clicked in place. How the room sounded, the guitar and my voice sitting perfectly over one another. It truly was a divine calling.

I knew then I wanted to spend everyday to live that moment again. The power and joy of music that I felt in that moment on that stage, has been one of the most treasured moments of my life.

I love Hyderabad as a city. I love staying back everytime I visit. I love that there is such a vibrant independent music scene in Hyderabad despite the film industry being big. Damini Bhatla, who is an incredible songwriter and singer, is one of my favourite artists from Hyderabad. Vanishree Sahu is another. I’ve loved performing my Indie sets in Hyderabad. They have an appetite for offbeat music and that’s everything for an artist.

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