Aphooh Mahi's 'Move With Mahi' Workshop: A Journey of Expressive Dance and Emotional Storytelling

By blending imagination with dance, we created unforgettable experiences that resonate deeply with participants, said Aphooh Mahi.
Aphooh Mahi recently conducted a dance workshop named ‘Move With Mahi: Express, Move, Create
Aphooh Mahi recently conducted a dance workshop named ‘Move With Mahi: Express, Move, CreatePhoto | Express

HYDERABAD : Dance is an expression of a happy and fun soul. Making each movement reflect your heart’s feelings is probably the best experience one can have while dancing. Aphooh Mahi, the dancer and choreographer known for her exceptional dance moves, has set a mark in the city with her unique style. She recently conducted a dance workshop named ‘Move With Mahi: Express, Move, Create.’ CE spoke to her during the workshop, held at district150, to learn more about the concept and her approach.

Discussing the workshop and the participants’ engagement during the evening of dance, she says, “The workshop was a 90-minute session focused on expressive dance. Participants delved into the art of conveying emotions and stories through movement. We explored body language, daily and animal-inspired movements, and conscious choreography. The goal was to foster creativity and enhance communication through dynamic and mindful dance practices.”

Each dance form is fascinating to witness, and learning them is even more intriguing. Speaking about the dance styles showcased at the workshop, she says, “We explored various dance forms, drawing inspiration from hip-hop and dancehall. The workshop also incorporated elements of freestyle and interpretive dance, allowing participants to connect with their inner emotions and express them through unique movements.”

Explaining what sets her workshop apart, she informs, “What makes this workshop unique is its focus on storytelling and emotional expression. I didn’t just teach steps; we delved into the essence of movement and its connection to everyday life and nature. By blending imagination with dance, we created unforgettable experiences that resonate deeply with participants. Our first segment involved experiencing expression through Suppi’s raaga’s and alaaps. We did Kamehameha inspired by Dragon Ball Z to release energies that don’t serve us, played dance-charades, and choreographed to Naadaiyan. We ended the session with ‘Sharingan Genjutsu’ beats.”

Addressing the evolution of dance workshops, she says, “Over the years, dance workshops have become more holistic and inclusive. There is a growing emphasis on mental and emotional well-being, not just physical technique. Workshops now often include mindfulness practices, creative exploration, and a greater appreciation for diverse dance forms and cultural influences.”

Defining her perspective on dance, she mentions, “Dance, to me, is the purest form of expression. It is a universal language that transcends words, allowing us to communicate our deepest emotions. It is a celebration of life, a way to connect with oneself and others on a profound level without inhibition.”

Regarding the challenges she has overcome as a dancer and choreographer, she says, “I have been dancing for as long as I can remember, for over two decades, and teaching for 12 years. The journey certainly has its challenges, from understanding my craft to navigating my experiences in the dance world. However, each challenge was a stepping stone, teaching me resilience and pushing me to innovate and grow as an artist. The joy of creating and sharing my passion with others made every challenge worthwhile.”

Looking ahead to the future of her workshops, she says, “My manager and buddy, Suparna (Rakshasi), has managed to expand these workshops into a monthly event, with plans to take ‘Move With Mahi’ nationally and globally. We aim to reach diverse communities and cultures, incorporating more interdisciplinary elements such as music, visual arts, and technology to enhance the learning experience. My vision is to create a vibrant community where dance is a powerful tool for expression, healing, and connection. I would like to thank Siddhart Bendi, Suppi, district150, and 101112.online for making the first edition of ‘Move With Mahi’ a beautiful experience that we can carry forward to teach more people every month and take it to more states.”

For beginners interested in dance, she says, “People new to dance and those who want to connect with dance can attend this workshop. It will help them introduce themselves to dance and become best friends with it. For those who already know dance, it will deepen their understanding and appreciation of it.”

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