I consider my fans as my extended family: Actress Anasuya Bharadwaj

Recently declared the brand ambassador for Value Gold, Anasuya Bharadwaj attended the launch event of Telangana’s first Mobile Gold Buying Service.
Actress Anasuya Bharadwaj
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HYDERABAD : Actress Anasuya Bharadwaj, a prominent figure in the Telugu film industry, has always epitomised success. Recently declared the brand ambassador for Value Gold, she attended the launch event of Telangana’s first Mobile Gold Buying Service. During a one-on-one interaction with CE, she shared insights about her fashion choices and more.

Speaking about her collaboration with Value Gold, Anasuya said, “I don’t take up brands easily, but I truly believe in this one. I don’t focus on numbers, but my followers trust what I say. I take that responsibility seriously and believe in karma. I endorse Value Gold because I’ve been associated with Caps Gold for a decade. I love their jewellery, especially the unique designs. For instance, the ring I’m wearing has intricate designs on both sides, which is a testament to their craftsmanship.”

When it comes to selecting jewellery, Anasuya described her preferences, “I’m a temple jewellery kind of person. I love gold with minimal embellishments, except for diamonds. I also have a huge collection of silver jewellery, as I feel a deep connection to it, perhaps from a past life. Dressing up and embracing my femininity is something I truly enjoy.”

Regarding her style statement and how she likes to style herself, she says, “My style statement is health, we all survived the pandemic. If you are not wise enough to accept and understand your priorities I don’t know what you’re doing. Health is my style statement and next to that is comfort and I like trying new things. I am like a rainbow, I really like colours.”

Anasuya shared what keeps her motivated, “If you had asked me this question 10 years ago, I wouldn’t know what to say. Today, it’s my boys, my kids. I want to be there for them in the right mind, body, and soul, guiding them whenever they need me.”

On the topic of gold as an investment, she commented, “Gold is a wise investment. People often feel shy about purchasing it, but they should feel proud for thinking ahead. It’s important to make the right investment without hesitation.”

Regarding her upcoming projects apart from Pushpa 2, she says, “I am back to TV, it feels like I am back to my maika (mothers place) that is where I started. It is a very unique show, it is a reality show. It definitely promises a lot of entertainment. It is called Kirak Boys and Killadi Girls on Star Maa. It will air very soon. Apart from that I have around six films that are slated to release. Pushpa 2 is happening, it is really good. I promise all of you that it is worth the wait. Don’t curse us about what is happening.”

When asked about her preference between cinema and television, she said, “It’s hard to choose. I love dressing up and acting. In cinema, I get to live different lives and learn from them. It’s a big responsibility that enriches me as a person. On TV, I get to be myself and connect directly with my audience.”

Anasuya expressed her gratitude towards her fans: “I consider my fans as my extended family. Though I can’t meet them daily, I ensure they can reach out to me. I’m an entertainer, and I’m always available for them. Thank you for supporting me through thick and thin, through all my phases. My fan pages are my strength, and I have a deep sense of gratitude and guilt for not meeting them yet. They make me feel less alone, knowing they are always there for me.”

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