Satirical spotlight on Indian society

Speaking about the performances, Rohith Raj Aakula revealed they prepared for the play in less than a month.
Satirical spotlight on Indian society

HYDERABAD: Dilemma of the poor, frustrations of the common man and promises of politicians were aptly portrayed on stage by Dharmi Theatre Academy through a play named ‘Hush Kaaki’ at the Lamakaan. Set against the backdrop of a park, the intriguing play delved into the complex dynamics of power and influence within society through the characters of two beggars — Lachi and Kitty, a politician, and a common man. It also took a critical look at a person’s greed and how it affects other members of a society as the characters interact over a two-thousand rupee note. A satire on the contemporary Indian societal issues, the play entertained and left the audience thinking with its references to old songs, and powerful dialogues and message.

Written by the renowned actor and playwright LB Sriram, ‘Hush Kaaki’ is a Telugu theatre play directed by Rohith Raj Aakula, founder of Dharmi Theatre Academy. The play addressed many issues of the Indian society including the struggles of common man, the existing prejudices against the poor, and political promises. The actors, through their skillful performances, brought the struggles and feelings of the characters to the forefront. After the play ended, many members of the audience praised the performances in an interactive session. Many termed the play as an ‘eye-opener’ especially during the ongoing elections happening across the country.

Speaking about the performances, Rohith Raj Aakula revealed they prepared for the play in less than a month. He said, “We started preparing for the play almost a month ago and followed the rehearsal process including reading and blocking thoroughly.” Chandan Sai, who played Lachi - one of the beggars in the play, shared one of the challenges he faced was learning a new dialect for the role. He said, “I had to learn a new dialect which is from North Andhra side and not known to me. However, co-ordination and practice with my co-actors helped me learn the dialect and correct any mistakes I made.”

Meanwhile, Vikey who played the role of the politician in the drama, revealed that this was the first time he was playing such a pivotal character in a play. Talking about his preparation, the actor expressed that his friends and fellow actors helped him practice and rehearse. Furthermore, he said, “I had asked Anna (Rohith Raj) if I should watch some show or movie to prepare but he told me not to. So, I just followed his direction and guidance.”

‘Hush Kaaki’ through its powerful dialogues and skillful performances served as a thought-provoking commentary on contemporary Indian societal issues. With wit and wisdom, it examined politicians’ promises and the continuing hardships of the poor, encouraging its captivated audience to reflect and act. As the curtains fell, it was evident that the play had not merely entertained but had stirred hearts and minds of the audience, igniting conversations that transcend the stage and beckoning towards a more just society.

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