Enchanting evening of Tagore’s melodies

Sanghamitra’s profound insights into Tagore’s legacy paved the way for this remarkable event.
Sanghamitra Malik
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HYDERABAD: Hyderabad recently enjoyed a delightful evening immersed in the timeless melodies of Rabindranath Tagore, featuring classics such as “Premer O Joware,” “Eki Labonne Purno Pran O,” and “Aamaar Pran Er Manush Aache Pran E.” This enchanting event was curated by Sanghamitra Malik, a distinguished founding member of Apna Watan (Hyderabad), renowned for her endeavours in fostering communal harmony and preserving Hyderabad’s rich heritage. The occasion marked the 163rd birthday celebration of the revered Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore.

Sanghamitra’s profound insights into Tagore’s legacy paved the way for this remarkable event. Reflecting on her deep-rooted fascination with Tagore’s history, she shared, “Rabindranath Tagore holds a special place in the hearts of all Bengalis. My interest in his works blossomed from childhood, particularly influenced by my mother’s fondness for his songs. In Hyderabad, my engagement with the Hyderabad Bengalee Samity further nurtured this passion.”

Delving into her research journey, Sanghamitra explained, “My exploration of Tagore’s life was driven by curiosity rather than academic pursuit. During my visits to Kolkata, I meticulously documented intriguing facts that captured my attention. This wasn’t intended for publication but stemmed from a personal quest to unravel the essence of this literary giant. My research, devoid of modern digital aids, relied on books and periodicals. It was solely for my enrichment.

Around a decade ago, I conceived the idea of sharing my discoveries through a programme tailored for my non-Bengali friends and acquaintances. The inaugural event in May 2018 was modest in scale, but its success spurred me to adapt and expand the concept for a diverse audience, marking my humble endeavour to introduce Tagore’s brilliance to the uninitiated.”

Emphasising the essence of her programme, Sanghamitra articulated, “This endeavour is a heartfelt tribute to Gurudeb Tagore, aimed at encapsulating his multifaceted genius. Recognising that mere recitation of facts would lack vibrancy, I carefully curated a selection of 20 songs spanning nine thematic categories.

While most were rendered in Bengali, I also presented Dr Jalaj Bhaduri’s Hindi translations and provided English interpretations where necessary. Notably, ‘Bado Asha Kore’ was sung in its meticulously translated English version, ‘With a High Hope.’ This amalgamation of music, anecdotes, and insights endeavours to unveil the timeless relevance of Tagore’s artistry to audiences transcending cultural boundaries,” she concluded with heartfelt reverence.

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