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What do you want to become when you grow up? Everyone will surely have heard this question more than once in his or her life.
Lifology CEO Praveen Parameswar
Lifology CEO Praveen Parameswar

KOCHI: What do you want to become when you grow up? Everyone will surely have heard this question more than once in his or her life. Right from the birth itself, a person’s future is decided by his parents and the trend of that time. 

The end result of this exercise is a person who finds neither satisfaction nor happiness in the job that he or she has been pushed into. So, how to come at the right profession for a person? This is where Lifology comes to into play.

According to Rahul Nair, co-founder of Lifology, every child is distinct and the career path that they need to follow must be the one for which they have an aptitude. 

“It should not be based on the trend prevalent or the neighbour’s child. Until and unless a person arrives at the right job, he or she will be miserable and perform poorly which will finally affect the career growth. Besides, the world is changing today and with it the jobs,” he said.

Citing an example, Rahul said, “In the past, as soon as a student finished his Class X boards, he or she was sent to learn typewriting and shorthand. The aim was to train them to be a stenographer that was the fad then. However, today typewriters have become obsolete and so has the post of stenographer. Their positions have been taken over by the DTP operators.” Just like the stenographer, many jobs are fast going out of the reckoning. 

The same can be said of the engineering courses, he added. According to him, studies have shown that people spend almost one-third of their life in profession or career and hence total happiness in life is mainly influenced his or her satisfaction with the job. 

“Why do people leave their jobs midway or take up jobs that are totally opposite to what they have been trained in? You might have seen BTech graduates taking up singing or an MBBS pass out going into filmmaking. They do so since they find happiness in those professions,” he said. So, every student needs to be guided not only by the parents but also the teachers in choosing the right career.

“They have a responsibility to adopt a holistic approach when it comes to helping a student choose a career. Once such a path is adopted that will see every student guided as per his or her capability, they will be able to face challenges in the academic and professional world,” he said. Lifology helps students achieve this, he added.

In order to make educators aware of the need to change their style of teaching and approach towards students, the Lifology team is conducting Wisdom Summits. 

“ processes every policy decision on education and career, macroeconomic changes, major industry reports, academic studies and institutional data and develops easy to understand pieces of information to share with students and parents. This helps the students and parents both take an informed decision about their career,” he said.

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