A teacher’s testimony: Catch them young

 Seetha Nair, principal of Roots Preschool, Kakkanad, recently received the Best Principal Award for her service.
A teacher’s testimony: Catch them young

KOCHI: Seetha Nair, principal of Roots Preschool, Kakkanad, recently received the Best Principal Award for her service. With no plans to stop any time soon, educating and grooming children to be a better citizen has been her passion for a long time. The pedagogue speaks to Express about her passion in teaching and changing lives.

1. Growing up, what were you passionate about? Did you always dream of something of this magnitude?
I have been someone with a ton of ideas and creativity.  I began teaching after I got married and had settled in Pune. During those days, there were very few preschools. Fortunately, I assisted my colleague who ran a preschool. That was what made me get into the field. I continued teaching and realised I didn’t want to do anything else. After my husband got transferred to Kerala, we settled in Kochi and I immediately took the Nursery Teacher Training course. With that, I felt like I received complete freedom to prove my capability and talent. 

2. Could you tell us about your journey on this path?
I have almost 25 years of experience. But it is not just about experience. One of my best experiences was working with a French organisation in Hyderabad for more than three years. They gave me the post of principal as soon as I had joined which really surprised me. I was able to prove I had the ability to groom kids. The organisation was quite happy with my approach. I also learnt a lot from them and gained a great deal of confidence.  

3. What would you consider to be your biggest achievement so far?
One of my old students whom I had taught in kindergarten came up to me the other when I was out. Her parents were so appreciative of what my school had done for their daughter because it was extremely effective. When I come to know my old students are now having reputed jobs outside Kerala and abroad, I feel a sense of pride. I will consider this a big achievement. Knowing my effort resulted in something fruitful boosts my confidence and helps my passion and dedication to this field grow.  
4. What is essential when it comes to pre-schooling considering the fact that it is a pivotal starting point for most children?

It is very important to observe children. I always tell teachers understanding the psychology of children is crucial. I am not interested in running a business. My main concern is how I can groom kids in a healthy manner. It is also important to have uniformity. I don’t want a few kids to struggle and the rest to shine. Teachers must make an effort as their dedication is extremely important. 

5. Have you noted any changes in the education system over the years?
The Indian education system as a whole has not changed but the methods of teaching keep changing along with new trends. Children used to read big books earlier; now we have smart classes. I learnt many years ago that kids today are also learning.

Earlier, education was looked at as a burden by most people but this is not the case now. My granddaughter studies in a school in Dubai which follows the British curriculum. I have noticed the contrast between her education and what we follow in India. Children in India learn to write  when they are three or four years old. In the British curriculum, however, verbal skills are considered more important.  

6. Is there a difference in how children used to study and how they learn at present given the current generation’s fixation with technology? 
There is a huge amount of pressure on children to study well and get outstanding results. This pressure can only be attributed to the ever-increasing competition among students and the needs of the parents as well. Children these days tend to misuse the new technology they have access to and this is mainly because of the parents. Some of them do not give enough importance to their child’s education.

At present, there are a greater number of facilities for children to gain more knowledge in a short amount of time. But it is left to parents and teachers to guide them to utilise these facilities. Several parents are unable to do this; the reason for this is not lack of love. I see so many children struggling to learn or execute what they have learnt into good results. Parents must make certain sacrifices and must be aware of the right methods to be taken to groom their child.

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