Offbeat, off-grid: Emerging getaway destinations

As the year comes to a close, TNIE picks a few spots being explored by Keralites who have developed a newfound zest for domestic travel

A serene meadow surrounding a river along with pine trees and enveloped by green mountain ranges,
Kariyathumpara is described by explorers as the ‘Switzerland of Calicut’. Situated 45km away from Kozhikode town, on the way to the popular Kakkayam Dam, it is often overlooked for its more
famous neighbour. Slowly gaining mainstream popularity, Kariyathumpara guarantees a mesmerising cutoff for visitors.

Kariyathumpara | Miscellany
Kariyathumpara | Miscellany

Tucked away in the forest reserve about 32km from Kothamangalam in Ernakulam district, Mamalakandam village is a nature enthusiast’s paradise.Exploring Mamalakandam is best done
by taking the Thattekad route, which will lead you through the dense forests and gurgling gushes. A drive through this route is blissful, and the village is a great spot for camping & trekking. Animal sightings are common. If lucky, you could have some wild encounters with elephants, tigers and wild deer.

Thamban Kadavu Arappa Beach
Thamban Kadavu Arappa is unadulterated coastal beauty at its best. Situated 27km from Thrissur town, and 1km from the more popular Snehatheeram Beach, Thamban Kadav stands apart for its raw charm. The beach is named after an ‘arappa’, a structure of sand built to let excess water from the land into
the sea. The area is not commercialised and, hence, is an ideal beach destination for those who enjoy the quiet and isolated vibe.

Located on the fringes of the Western Ghats, Kakkadampoyil is an unexplored hill station 48km away
from Kozhikode. Surrounded by tranquil woods, misty hill ranges, deserted roads, and pristine waterfalls,
Kakkadampoyil offers nirvana to nature lovers and adventure enthusiast. The rocky hills in the region make it a great spot for trekking and rock climbing. Major attractions of the village include the Kozhippara Falls and the Kurishumala Viewpoint.

A forest-locked village named Anakulam, about 40km from Munnar, is known for the rare sight of frequent elephant gatherings. Elephants in large numbers ‘socialise’ here, close to human-inhabited areas. Two tributaries of the Periyar river, Idacholayaar and Nallatanniyaar, add to the beauty of the land and offer amazing waterside picnic spots to unwind.

Kadamakudy islandS
A picturesque slew of islands, just under an hour from the bustling Kochi city centre, is a delightful weekend getaway for those who take great joy from the simple beauties of life. Exploring Kadamakudy is best done by taking the Pizhala-Moolampilly bridge, which offers a bird’s eye view of Kadamakudy, filled with paddy fields, fish farms and the narrow lanes crisscrossing the placid island. Sunset, tranquillity, toddy, seafood… perfect okay!

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