Decentralised waste management gains momentum in Kochi corporation

Overall cost of project is D18 lakh | Processed food waste will be converted into fertiliser
Image used for representational purpose only.
Image used for representational purpose only.

KOCHI: Kochi Corporation’s decentralised waste management initiative gains momentum as Local-Self Government Department Minister M B Rajesh inaugurated the latest facility at Kunnumpuram in Edapally on Saturday.

The minister hailed the decentralised waste management system implemented in division 36 of Kochi Corporation as a model for the state. “What used to be a spot covered with waste has been transformed into a normal land with this facility becoming a reality,” said the minister after the inauguration.

Division councillor Ambika Sudarshan spearheaded the decentralised waste management project beneath the flyover of the National Highway towards Cheranallur.”The decentralised bio-waste management project, which initially began processing only 500 kg, has now scaled up to handle up to two tons. The Kochi Corporation, in collaboration with the Edapally Cooperative Bank, provided funding for the project, enabling the processing of bio-degradable waste from the entire division,” stated Kochi Mayor M Anilkumar. The overall cost of the project amounted to Rs 18 lakh.

Technical support for the project was provided by Deepak Varma, representing Haritha Sahaya Sthapanam (HSS). HSS offers technical and managerial assistance to local self-government institutions for the successful implementation of decentralised waste management activities. 
The processed food waste will be converted into fertiliser, which will be used for flower cultivation in the area. Ten Haritha Karma Sena volunteers are working at the facility.

“The area beneath the bridge was previously associated with anti-social elements. Nevertheless, this project will metamorphose this location into a splendid space,” affirmed the mayor. He added, “In the near future, a material collection facility will be established  in this vicinity, aligning with our vision under the HEAL Project (Health, Environment, Agriculture, and Livelihood).”

In parallel, division 41 of Kochi Corporation has also achieved success with a decentralised bio-waste management model under the HEAL  project. The corporation aims to replicate this initiative across 10 divisions, projecting the treatment of over 20 tons of biodegradable waste at the source level upon successful implementation.

Following the Brahmapuram fire incident, Kochi’s waste management landscape has experienced substantial changes, including the establishment of 25 Container Material Collection Centres and four Resource Recovery Facilities with a total capacity of  60 tons. 

During the event, Minister Rajesh acknowledged the corporation’s progress in mitigating waterlogging issues in the city. He expressed appreciation for the efforts of Harita Karma Sena members and other individuals who contributed to making the project a  reality.

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