Global gastronomy awaits at Kochi's Roastown Modern Grill

Initially dubbed as ‘Roastown, the Neighbourhood Rotisserie’, its aim was to create a local hub of flavourful roasts. Soon the concept evolved, and the menu gained depth and personality.
Global gastronomy awaits at Kochi's Roastown Modern Grill

KOCHI: The stylish silhouette of Roastown Modern Grill is as inviting as its sleek interiors. Above all, its menu holds a global heart. Inside, the atmosphere is bustling with people. And the fresh aroma wafting from the live kitchen can lift the mood of any hungry soul.

The restaurant, established in Thrissur in 2019, was the brainchild of Joshy George, the chairman and MD of AG & S Group. His extensive travels and keen culinary curiosity are at the heart of this venture. In 2023, the restaurant opened a branch in Kochi.

The original concept of Roastown centred around offering grilled meats.

Initially dubbed as ‘Roastown, the Neighbourhood Rotisserie’, its aim was to create a local hub of flavourful roasts. Soon the concept evolved, and the menu gained depth and personality. 

“Our approach involves selecting dishes with a narrative. We strive to introduce novel experiences, such as our introduction of Khachapuri, a Georgian bread, previously unfamiliar to many,” says chef Mohamed Siddiq.

“Well, that’s the best thing about Roastown, there is something in it for everyone,” chimes in Joshy.  

For a customer, Roastown is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary journey — a celebration of flavours from around the world. 

Among a plethora of options, I was able to taste a curated meal. A standout was the crunchy and creamy salad. Crispy fried cottage cheese offering a satisfying crunch was complemented by its creamy interior. Warm herbed bread is a comfort for the stomach, while peppery rocket leaves provide a refreshing burst of flavour. Enveloped in a creamy yoghurt garlic mayo, each bite of this salad is a harmonious symphony of taste, tantalising the palate with every forkful. 

The broccoli and pine nut cream, warms your belly and offers a different side of broccoli for all those who usually stay away from this green vegetable. Soon, I come across the Italian option, a starter — Panzerotti. It’s a shallow-fried folded pizza with vegetable filling, yoghurt, garlic and spicy tomatoes.

The next offering, gochujang beef bulgogi whisked me away from Italy. If one minute I was in a picturesque Italian village, then in the next bite I was getting a sweet and spicy taste of Korea. 

Well, as the restaurant boasts, I soon entred the domain of Turkiye with a plate of flavourful Turkish pilaf. Paired with grilled chicken, fresh tomato, chilli, and tzatziki sauce, it was mouthful of heaven.

On a bed of fragrant rice and vermicelli, infused with aromatic mint, parsley, and chickpeas, lies the tender and succulent grilled chicken. The spiced rice mingles with the cool, refreshing crunch of fresh tomatoes and the zesty kick of chilli, all complimented by the soft chicken.

To end this truly global experience, I went to a platter of assorted desserts. I didn’t wait to find out the names of all the sweet offerings, and dived in fast. The mousse cake with the raspberry flavour was light, airy and melted in my mouth. As for the cheesecake, I enjoyed the dense, rich consistency and buttery crust, which adds a satisfying touch to each bite. 

The restaurant’s menu is extensive. With dishes from China, Romania, Spain, England, Japan, Korea, the US, Afghanistan and Cuba, one is spoiled for choice. And I could only taste a fraction of it.

Along with this special gastronomic journey, Roastown also provides some new experiences — access to Chef’s studio, three live kitchens, a mixology bar, and a unique opportunity to engage in Flat Wok cooking. It’s also a special space where you can create memories and experiences.

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