UG Neet: Trap or a trip to wider horizons?

The credibility of the entrance test being challenged after the recent allegations will create more confusion in the minds of even those with the right aptitude.
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KOCHI: The UG NEET conducted by the National Testing Agency and attended by 23 million students is now under a cloud of controversy.

The credibility of the entrance test being challenged after the recent allegations will create more confusion in the minds of even those with the right aptitude. Coupled with intense preparations in prison-like coaching environments, serious doubts about the test’s purpose will breed more frustration down the line.

However, at the same time, the mad rush for this test also needs critical scrutiny.

Many students are dragged into the ordeal of UG NEET coaching by parental compulsion. For them, it’s a trap that cruelly strips them of their aptitudes. Also, we need to keep in mind that the test itself has no mechanism to check if the candidate has the aptitude to be in the healing profession.

It is purely a test based on knowledge of the subjects and the speed with which they crack the multiple choices. This creates another trap: excellent marks and no aptitude.

The fallen and chosen souls

Has anyone ever wondered about the millions who have fallen out in this rat race? There are some lucky ones who select a better plan that suits them later. I know someone who failed twice in NEET and eventually found a place in the Indian Administrative Service.

But some may also feel inferior after losing the race that is rated as a benchmark of success. This is unwarranted.

For those passionately wedded to the idea of being in health care, passing the test can be the start of a trip to wider horizons.

But for those who look forward to quick employment, fast entry to further studies or a stable economic status, this will be a disappointing deal at least in Kerala. The state has crossed the saturation point and hence the threat of unemployment is a reality. So, a failure in UG NEET can be an opportunity in disguise to pursue one’s true interests.

So, the answer is simple. Let students choose higher education according to their interests and aptitudes.

Aptitude-driven choices

Hard and focused effort is essential for obtaining sufficient marks in UG NEET. Some are willing to give even an extra exclusive year or two to grab that dream seat in a college. For a large majority, this is even a ritual.

For the health and future of students, it would be better if parents, society and the educational system looked at career choices more rationally. The new world opens up fresh avenues. It’s time for society to learn certain basic principles to prevent disasters related to career choice.

Groom children with skills to identify career choices and empower them to evaluate the choice. Never propmt them to run blindly behind a career branded as the best by social perception

Being excellent in any profession selected by matching aptitude is better than being mediocre or substandard in one selected based on social ratings

Let children discover themselves. Let them not be bound to the multiple choices in a single-track mad run for the NEET.

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