Asin, on rumours about Salman Khan

I want to clarify that I’m single and not in a relationship and that's why I think rumours like these get stronger.
Asin - Express Photo by A Raja Chidambaram.
Asin - Express Photo by A Raja Chidambaram.

Southern actress Asin Thottumkal describes Bollywood star Aamir Khan as an actor who believes in preparing for his scenes before facing the camera while she calls her ‘Ready’ co-star Salman Khan as spontaneous.

"Salman is spontaneous. You have to be very alert while the camera is running because you don't know what he will come up with and what you will have to do as an appropriate thing. There is not much of a discussion before the shot. So you have to be ready with whatever he throws at you during the shot," Asin said.

"Whereas Aamir is somebody who will sit with you and the director before the camera starts rolling. He discusses with you various ways of doing it (scenes) and finally decides on one. So here you are sure of what is going to happen in front of the camera," she added.

Salman is known as much for his notoriety in the Hindi film industry as his films, but Asin says she has not seen that side of him and that they gel well.

"I have never personally experienced anything wrong with Salman. Whatever I've come across is that he is somebody who is really pure from his heart, so whatever emotions come out, it's just that," said Asin who has now worked with Salman in two films – ‘London Dreams’ and forthcoming release ‘Ready’.

"He is direct and straight. He doesn't put on a face for different groups of people. When he is angry, he'll show that and when he is not, he'll show that too. So basically, I have not seen that very notorious side of Salman that the media keeps talking about," she added.

Talking about ‘Ready’, which is releasing on June 3, Asin said, "We started working on 'Ready' right after 'London Dreams'; so it's like back-to-back movies with Salman. The interaction I had with him during 'London Dreams' kind of helped me to have a comfortable relationship in 'Ready' because a rapport was already created."

"I think even he is quite comfortable working with me because somewhere I get his sense of humour. He has a very straight-faced sense of humour, so we pretty much gel well with each other on the sets," she added.

The camaraderie between Asin and Salman has been so strong that many started seeing them as a couple. However, the actress denies any romantic relationship with her co-star.

"Everyone knows that the rumours had no truth in them. These rumours started during 'London Dreams'. However, I want to clarify that I’m single and not in a relationship and that's why I think rumours like these get stronger," explained the actress, who made her Bollywood debut opposite Aamir Khan in superhit film ‘Ghajini’.

Finally, when asked how difficult it is for her to get noticed while appearing with a star like Salman in the same frame, the actress answered, "That's not in the hands of the actress.

"That would be in the hands of the scriptwriter or the director. We wouldn't have much of a say in it. You just do the part that has been given to you to the best of your ability and that's all. You don't really worry about a superstar like Salman, who obviously deserves the kind of adoration or space that he gets because he is who he is.

"You can't look up to that and say that I want to compete with him and nudge him and push him aside and show my face. I'm quite happy to be a part of this big project," said Asin.

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