Kathayallithu Jeevitham crosses 750 episodes

crossed 750 episodes.
Kathayallithu Jeevitham crosses 750 episodes

Kathayallithu Jeevitham, Amrita TV’s family courtroom show anchored by yseteryear star Vidhubala has crossed 750 episodes. The show aired from Monday to Thursday at 9.30 pm is founded on the legal maxim that justice delayed is justice denied. 

The cases of Kathayallithu Jeevitham takes place in an informal courtroom setting in which the plaintiff, the defendant and  their family members are present along with the moderator who keeps the proceedings in order, the entire scene presided over by a panel of members from KELSA (Kerala Legal Services Authority). Both the litigants are given a fair hearing and the grey areas of their accounts are cleared up in the show. Finally a settlement acceptable to all is arrived at and the  verdict  is legitimised with the seal of KELSA, with the entire procedure being completed within a couple of days.

All expenditure related to the case of both the accuser and respondent, including travel and accommodation are borne by the show. Kathayallithu Jeevitham has brought every litigation in the legal horizon into its ambit- domestic discords, property disputes, corruption issues, financial frauds, missing persons, paternity suits and so on. Kathayallithu Jeevitham has an investigative wing with branches all over India. Over a 100 litigants have been bailed out of their problems in the show. 

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