'Megalopolis' first-look clip: Adam Driver pulls off a gravity-defying stunt atop a tower

Megalopolis is Francis Ford Coppola's comeback film after 2011's Twixt
'Megalopolis' first-look clip: Adam Driver pulls off a gravity-defying stunt atop a tower

Francis Ford Coppola shared a clip from his upcoming film Megalopolis earlier this Saturday. The video features Adam Driver's architect character standing on the ledge of an edifice and contemplating suicide. Just as he takes one step into the air and is about to jump, something stops him virtually mid-air in a way that defies gravity. The moment is reminiscent of the world-building in the Matrix films.

Sharing the clip on Instagram, Coppola wrote, "Megalopolis has always been a film dedicated to my dear wife Eleanor. I really had hoped to celebrate her birthday together this May 4th. But sadly that was not to be, so let me share with everyone a gift on her behalf."

The film revolves around an architect looking to build a retro-futuristic version of New York City in the aftermath of a catastrophe. Coppola takes inspiration from HG Wells' speculative science-fiction literature, the September 11 attacks, Roman history, and several other events for the film.

Apart from Driver, the cast includes Nathalie Emmanuel, Shia LaBeouf, Grace VanderWaal, and Zendaya. Coppola and Michael Bederman are the co-producers of the science-fiction drama.

Megalopolis is Coppola's comeback film after 2011's Twixt. It is competing at the Cannes Film Festival for its Palme d'Or award.

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