Watch: Bond in pan masala ad provokes social media hilarity

Twitterati are still sharing pictures of the ad.
Screenshot from 'Pan Bahar ad' for representation purpose.
Screenshot from 'Pan Bahar ad' for representation purpose.

NEW DELHI: Internet was shaken and stirred after India woke up to an advertisement showing James Bond played by Pierce Brosnan treasuring Pan Bahar as his sole spy gadget.

Watch the ad here:

Twitterati are still sharing pictures of the ad and Bond dialogues converted into hilarious memes.

One fellow wrote, “Pierce Brosnan’s new line, ‘My name is bond, *spits pan bahar James Bond.’#Piercebrosnan #panbahar”

The ad splashed across newspapers and hoardings showed the 63-year-old Irish actor, who played Bond from 1995 to 2002, holding a box of Pan Bahar with a text below reading “Class never goes out of style” and a signature of the actor.

In the video version of the same ad, Brosnan is seen in a red car with the Bond girl, who drops him off in front of a big building and wishes him “Best of Luck, agent” after he pulls out a Pan Bahar container and kisses it like it was some priced possession.

This is interestingly followed by the usual adrenaline-feuling music in Bond movies as we see Bond using Pan Bahar to tackle the enemies single handedly. 

Here are few of the other funny reactions:

“Pierce Brosnan. Played James Bond. Endorses Pan Bahar. Licensed to kill.”

“Pierce Brosnan seems to have taken 'painting the town red' too seriously.”

“Pierce Brosnan has taken his dialogue too far: ‘I always enjoyed learning a new tongue.’”

“Butler: Mr. Bond, What would you like to have today?
Pierce Brosnan: giu miu shum tissshooos pueeess.”

"I believe you hold the famous 'License To Kill' in your possession, Mr. Bond?" *takes out Pan Bahar from his pocket* *130,000 people die*” 

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