Sona Mohapatra shuts up sexist trolls after monokini picture on Twitter

The singer, known for her outspokenness on social media, responded to the trolls by sharing more photos of herself in a swimsuit.
Sona Mohapatra in a black cutout monokini. (Photo | Twitter)
Sona Mohapatra in a black cutout monokini. (Photo | Twitter)

On Sunday, Sona Mohapatra shared pictures in a black cutout monokini from her beachside holiday with a caption, "Wild & Wanton. 2020, here I come". Soon, a section of netizens slut-shamed her for what she wore, some told her that she should not dress provocatively and some felt disappointed as they perceived that she is a "serious" person.

The singer, known for being one of few in Bollywood who spoke out on #metoo, responded to the trolls by sharing more photos of herself in a swimsuit, owning her body and standing her ground.

"I shared some last evening and people wrote in saying 'wearing slut clothes & then saying MeToo?' Some felt let down, "thought you were a serious person?!". Many sent (heart emjoi) and (fire emoji)... I refuse to fit in to any box, just like I refuse to suck in my well-earned belly. 2020 here I come," she wrote on Twitter.

Mohapatra continued, "Grateful for all writing in. The first category of people show themselves to the rest of the world and hopefully, someone in their life's will teach them the concept of 'consent' and how clothes or lack of them doesn't justify anyone attacking a woman. The second category of people should throw away any notion of me living up to their idea of an intense, thinking, serious, loving and therefore only khadi or fully covered woman, your 'sanskari'pan or idea of 'worthy woman' is not mine, no apologies from me therefore."

The singer then went on to send love to her admirers.

"For the third lot who sent me love, right back at you! You give me strength every day. I hear the music. I hear a beat. From the universe around. From within. Own your spirit. Own your journey. Own your belly. Don't suck any of it... 2020 here I Come," she said.

The singer, unbothered by the online bullying, acknowledged her supporters for giving her strength.

She sounds more than ready to head into 2020 with her self-loving message about body positivity. More like something all of us can share going into the new year. 

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