Kiran Kumar recovers from COVID-19, confirms testing negative

Veteran Bollywood actor Kiran Kumar, who had tested positive last week, had gone into self-isolation immediately.
Veteran Bollywood actor Kiran Kumar (Photo | PTI)
Veteran Bollywood actor Kiran Kumar (Photo | PTI)

MUMBAI: Veteran actor Kiran Kumar has tested negative for coronavirus. Kumar, who had tested positive last week, had gone into self-isolation immediately. On Wednesday, results showed he has recovered for the virus.

"A few weeks ago, I had to undergo a routine medical procedure for which, under the government's guideline at the time, a COVID-19 test was mandatory. My daughter accompanied me for the testing and we joked and laughed and generally remained upbeat, certain that this was just a formality, and we would get on with our normal lives soon enough," recalled Kumar.

"The test results came back positive. Within the hour, we cordoned off a floor at home and turned it into an isolation zone. The amazing doctors at Hinduja khar and Lilavati armed us with enough information to ensure panic would not set in. We informed the BMC of my status and amped up everyones vitamin intake," he added.

The actor is relieved after testing negative.

"Today after being re-tested for COVID-19, I am happy to say that I have tested negative. My family is still following strict home isolation. I was totally asymptomatic and apart from the boredom that accompanies isolation had no other complaints. I am continuing to take this forced time-out as an opportunity to introspect and focus on life's smaller pleasures," Kumar said.

He added: "Corona felt like a looming, distant and scary phantom that we took every precaution to avoid and even then it found a way to enter what we thought was a completely sanitised space. Yet, here we are, dealing with it, and getting on with our lives."

And amidst all this, he finds a "silver lining" too.

"The silver lining here is that the earth is healing. Ecosystems are restoring themselves, wildlife is reclaiming its rightful space. Not only nature, but relationships are blossoming too. People may physically be staying apart but are emotionally and mentally getting closer to loved ones. We're all becoming cooks and hobbyists or just taking this time to decompress, and be. Maybe this is the levelling-up process we needed for the dawn of a new World, and I for one am looking forward to waking up to it," Kumar concluded.

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