Music composer Ankur Tewari
Music composer Ankur Tewari

Exciting to see people write music in reels now: Ankur Tewari

People are writing music in reels now and a lot of reels together can tell a big story as well, he said.

NEW DELHI: Young musicians today are challenging the norms of traditional songwriting and that is the result of reels on social media, says music composer Ankur Tewari.

Songs, both old and new, tend to go viral on social media through reels and something like this happened with "Khalasi", the Gujarati song from last season of "Coke Studio Bharat".

Tewari, who serves as the curator of "Coke Studio Bharat" season two, said it's exciting how a series of reels can be used to tell a bigger story.

"I love it, I feel it's got something old-school nostalgic. Earlier when we used to make films on film and shoot it on film, people used to talk in reels. People are writing music in reels now and a lot of reels together can tell a big story as well. It's exciting in a way because I have seen a lot of young musicians breaking the trend of verse, chorus, pre-chorus... Things they are writing in a linear fashion...," he said.

"Some of the songs that are on the top of the charts right now and they don't even have a hook. From the time in mainstream music when people always ask 'What is the hook of the song?' or 'What is memorable?' to new constructs of songs by younger musicians where it just tells you a linear story from A-Z is very exciting for me and I think that is the result of reels," the composer added.

Reels, a feature on Instagram, allows the user to record and edit short videos up to 90 seconds in the application's camera as well as add effects, music and even original audio. One can also create and share reels on Facebook and YouTube.

The second chapter of "Coke Studio Bharat" was launched on February 9. The first song of the new season is "Magic" by Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh and Norwegian dance group The Quick Style. 

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