Forget About Logic and Just Laugh

Director Jacob Varghese’s Savari 2 is a wacky comedy that plays like any film noir and even

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BANGALORE: Director Jacob Varghese’s Savari 2 is a wacky comedy that plays like any film noir and even manages to be funny. A sequel to Savari released in 2009, this is a road movie that has been upgraded from bike to a car with three men who set out on an unexpected adventure. Seenu (Srinagar Kitty), who is married to the home minister’s daughter (Sruthi Hariharan),  meets a senior journalist (Girish Karnad) and the two start bonding during a road trip. Arjun (Karan Rao) here is seen as a taxi driver who takes them all the way to their destination.

 The film opens with Seenu and his friends Sadhu Kokila and Chikkanna attempting to steal a small pug of a senior government official and landing in the police station. On the other side, well-known doctor Dinakar (Abbas) is upset over his wife constantly pestering him for a divorce, while he wants to stay in the marriage for the sake of his little daughter. Unable to make up his mind, he sets out on a trip away from his family. What makes the senior journalist and Seenu take a trip together; what is Arjun’s role in the story; and what becomes of Dinakar’s confusion forms Savari 2, a road trip filled with visual delights, laughs and harsh life lessons.

 The film has a thin plot, but comes alive with an interesting narration during the journey that is boosted by the three characters.

The filmmaker indulges the audience in stunning cinematography clubbed with good performances.

 The true heart of the movie though is Kitty, who has made a mark with his role as Seenu. And Girish Karnad as a senior journalist is highly effective as a materialistic sidekick. Debutant Karan Rao seems a little stiff in the show routines, but his performance is done with dignity. Abbas makes his best cameo as a doctor.

 Unlike its prequel, Savari 2 does not place much importance on romance. Shruthi Hariharan as Seenu’s wife does not get much scope to perform, while Madhurima, the love interest of Karan Rao, is beautiful.

 The highlight of Savari 2 is the onslaught of one-liners and sight gags that take place between Srinagar Kitty, Sadhu Kokila and Chikkanna. It is so hilarious in parts that even the most sour viewer is ultimately won over. A hat tip to the director for choosing such actors to keep the humour alive.

 Manikanth Khadri matches his music with the comical experience with five tracks. However, the music in the prequel was much catchier and is still remembered. Except for the end song sung by Puneeth Rajkumar, nothing stands out. The dialogues penned by Manju Mandavya holds the movie together, while Sasikumar takes us through the best of Karnataka in the journey. Savari 2 is a film that is filled with a lot of humour, romance and suspense, though it could have been paced better.

Verdict: Don’t fret over logic and focus on the humour.

Film: Savari 2

Director: Jacob Varghese

Cast: Srinagar

Kitty, Girish Karnad

Karan Rao, Sruthi Hariharan, Madhurima


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