Rathaavara is Gritty in a Mass Idiom

Published: 05th December 2015 06:46 AM  |   Last Updated: 05th December 2015 06:46 AM   |  A+A-


Sriimurali-starrer Rathaavara reminds us that there are deep-thinkers in Sandalwood. And with someone like  Chandrashekar Bandiyappa, every aspect of the movie is original. Distinction oozes out of Rathaavara, right from the script, to the screenplay, music, cinematography and the acting skills of all the actors.

A tough action thriller, all credit goes to Chandrashekar, but equal  praise should go to  Sriimurali, who capitalises on his rebel persona on screen and ushers in a new shade of grey. Technically brilliant with a modern outlook, the film shines in all departments, noteworthy being the crackling dialogues and aggressive fights. The film is a slickly packaged crime thriller, wrapped in a unique storyline and tied up with a heartening moral.

Revolving around Ratha (Sriimurali) and the turn of events in his life, Rathaavara’s uniqueness lies in its endeavor to capture reality by the means of ideas in unexplored territories. The difference is brought in by a transgender, Maadevi (Loki) and an uncanny discussion on gender; something Sandalwood was never bold enough to have a creative take on. The film's script is written along the lines of good and evil, with love smartly stitched in to finally drive the story to its destiny.

The film is dazzling in its inventiveness and massive sets accentuated by spectacular techniques of filmmaking. The theme is new and the plot's strength is its advantage. The direction presents a fluid screenplay; the moving camera presenting the hero in menacing angles that complements his voice and behaviour. 

Very few actors can portray an amoral, sardonic, violent and corrupt character as convincingly as Sriimurali can. As an actor, he juggles between a complex character with ease, while maintaining his stylish persona.

Along with the hero, almost all the performers are top notch right from Loki, who plays the transgender and is unusually appealing. The director could have stretched his role for a little longer. Rachita Ram as a college girl is at her expressive best while Ravi Shankar justifies his role as an ambitious MLA. The support ing cast of Charan Raj, Chikkanna and Devaraj complete the picture  that combines friendship, love, violence and drama in one package.The background music syncs with a good soundtrack by music director Dharma Vish. The song Hudugi Kannu sung by Sriimurali is already a hit. The highlight will be Bhuvan Gowda's cinematography.

On the whole, this film is a definite team success and Sriimurali was wise to wait for the right subject.

Watch it for a unique subject that fulfills the wish of the audience for a sensible mass film.

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