Review: Luv U Alia is About Relationship Lessons

Published: 19th September 2015 06:14 AM  |   Last Updated: 19th September 2015 06:18 AM   |  A+A-


Movie: Luv U Alia

Director: Indrajit Lankesh Cast: Ravichandran, Bhoomika Chawla, Chandan, Sangeetha Chauhan, Ravi Shankar, Sadhu Kokila and Sameer Dattani

Luv1.jpgOften, with abundance comes indiscipline. An  excess of  anything can dent a film, a filmmaker’s reputation and even an actor's credibility. But if one is in complete control, then all is good. Luv U Alia evidences that director Indrajit Lankesh knew his story, the direction that it had to take and before beginning his film with an ensemble cast of some of the biggest names in Sandalwood, he packed in dollops of discipline. And the result is out for all to see. A contemporary family drama, Luv U Alia does not come across as a mishmash of characters, but has a streamlined narration that takes you through the nuances of love, marriage and divorce.

The film opens with Sudeep’s conversation with Indrajit on a celebrity chat show, where he brings in the gist of his own life, which also becomes the film’s story in parts. The plot revolves around Kiran (Chandan), a high profile wedding planner and a marriage broker. Enter Alia (Sangeetha Chauhan) who seeks his help for her friend Smitha’s marriage with her boyfriend, Suman (Sameer Dattani). In the process, Kiran and Alia fall in love. Though Alia is not interested in marriage, the twists come when Kiran meets Alia’s father Ravi (Ravichandran), a doctor and mother Bhoomi (Bhoomika Chawla), who is a dance teacher and living separately. But Kiran’s purpose of meeting Alia’s parents is not to ask for the their daughter’s hand in marriage and then on, the drama takes the audience through a romantic chase with numerous complications.

Known for his contemporary themes and romantic dramas, Indrajit’s theme of giving a second chance to marriage, could attract a family audience, either those living in spotlight 24/7 or those with a normal life.

Indrajit has created situational set pieces that do justice to the  ensemble star cast and backdrops.  He appropriately spices up the storyline with a sizzling Sunny Leone item number and dashes of subtle humour by Sadhu Kokila. Cinematographer Santhosh Rai Pathaje has followed Indrajit's narrative perfectly. Even Ravi Shankar comes across as a cool antagonist and brings out the lighter side of his character. There are also  comic lines from Prashanth Siddi and Bullet Prakash among others.

While senior actors like Ravichandran and Bhoomika seem quite comfortable with their roles, it is the young Chandan who makes the most out of this romantic family drama.

In his disguise as young nurse, he proves his versatility. The presence of Sangeetha Chauhan brings grace to the film with a certain romantic warmth. Adding texture through songs are Jessie’s tactful music and Kaviraj’s lyrics. Among the few other attractions, the song 'Sanje velali' adds to the charm of the film. Sudeep’s open hearted conversation does stand out and his frank opinion about love and marriage feels genuine.

Indrajit’s ambitious film is  made at a meditative pace but also has some double meaning dialogues. However, if the actual message about patience in love gets translated into real life, the effort would  be worthwhile.

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