I saw myself on silver screen, and everything changed: Ashika Ranganath

Ashika Ranganath, who is to play sister to Shivarajkumar in Leader, never planned a career in movies; now she is in love with this industry.
Ashika Ranganath. (Photo | Facebook)
Ashika Ranganath. (Photo | Facebook)

After starting her career with the teenage romance Crazy Boy, Ashika Ranganath has not looked back. Her movie career has surprised her too because she had never expected to be in this industry.

Today she is part of five projects, one even with Shivarajkumar. Her films Leader, Mugulu Nage and Raju Kannada Medium are soon to be released, and Ashika is busy juggling dates for Siddharth Mahesh’s Garuda and a project with Sharan made under Laddoo Cinemas.

The actress credits all of this to destiny. “I had no idea what I was doing in my first film Crazy Boy, I blindly followed director Mahesh Babu’s suggestions,” she says.

“I seriously had no idea what I would do next in my life because I never knew I had any interest in this field, even though my sister Anusha Ranganath is popular on small screen. I just thought movies would be a new experience and took up the project. Everything changed the day I saw myself on big screen and today 24/7 I think only of films.”

Ashika Ranganath
Ashika Ranganath

She is happy for the diversity of roles that have been offered to her. Take, for example, her next in Leader. The film, directed by Narasimha, has her playing sister to Shivarajkumar.  

“Initially I used to be hesitate each time I was approached for a role because I couldn’t gauge its importance,” she says.

“My parents and sister helped me and I ended up doing good films. I was happy to be working with a star like Shivaana but, at the same time, I thought it would be tough to play his sister and it may work to my disadvantage. But my parents were so excited when I was offered this role. Today, after understanding the relevance of my role, I know I have made the right decision,” she says. 

Ashika is happy with her journey so far and still cannot forget the day she met Shivarajkumar for the first time or the compliments she received from him.

She says “He had seen my songs from Crazy Boy and I was blown over when he said, ‘You could play my heroine’... I felt ecstatic. Then he explained the importance of my character in Leader, and I was even more convinced about this assignment. I will also be given a chance to play his heroine, if any suitable role turns up.”

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