Love is in the air for Uppi

The actor will re-live his college years in a recently-signed film; directed by R Chandru the movie will see him playing a love guru
Love is in the air for Uppi

The combination of Chandru and Upendra promises to be that of a power-packed one. Their collaboration is causing much excitement to the fraternity and fans who are wondering what the duo will now offer.

Taking a cue from Uppi’s film, Super, the director’s next movie, titled I Love You, will be represented with a symbol and an image.

City Express got a glimpse of the design created by the makers. We’ll tell you what it is: A heart-shaped logo with an emoticon showing a boy and girl about to share a sweet kiss.

The director, who has a penchant for emotional love stories, has been showcasing it in different ways. And we believe that only Upendra and Chandra can pull-off this creativity line of thought.

"Brahma, which brought us together was a mass hit. This time, the audience will see both the classes and the masses. As I had mentioned earlier, I want to bring back the trends of films like A and Upendra," he explains.

Upendra with director
Upendra with director

Chandru reveals that in I Love You,Uppi will be playing a college sweetheart. "The film is based on a college love story, and will have bring in Uppi’s philosophy about love," he says.

I Love You comes with a tag line - Ninne Preethisithini--will features Upendra in three shades. Currently, a look test is taking place with the actor, for which the team has brought in a photographer from Bollywood.

"We’ve just done a look test for one of the shades. The others will happen before we have the muhurath shot," he says.

Chandru is now in the process of finalising the cast and technicians for the film. We can tell that this film has a tonne of surprises in store.

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