‘It’s the character that stays in people’s hearts, not the length of the role': Shanvi Srivastava

Shanvi has taken a step further to get close to the heart of Kannadigas, as she has dubbed for a film in her voice for the first time.

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A still from the film Geetha

A still from the film Geetha

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With experience and time, Shanvi Srivastava has come to believe that it is the character that is engraved in people’s hearts, not the length of the role. In her upcoming film, Geetha, starring Ganesh, she will be seen in a ‘special’ role. The film also features two other heroines. “Like every heroine, I also got into a situation where I have been approached for a role in a multi-starrer, in which I would have to share screen space with two to three other heroines.

This, of course, puts us in a tricky position about whether we should accept the role, or prefer to play solo,” says Shanvi.

“However, when filmmakers approach me with the belief that I would fit into a certain character, I make sure that I am an integral part of the film,” she explains, adding that it was one of her last films, Tarak, that changed her view. 

“I admit that for a long time, I preferred to be part of a solo heroine project. I then accepted Tarak, which had two heroines. But I won over the audience. That made me interested in all sorts of films. Today, the number of heroines in a film doesn’t matter to me, provided my character is important, and as long as the role stays in people’s hearts.”

Shanvi says her role in Geetha is what takes the film forward. “How I end with the hero is not the question. The fact that I am taking forward the story and the audience throughout becomes important,” adds the actor about the film, in which she appears in two shades — a retro look, and a corporate woman of today.

Shanvi has taken a step further to get close to the heart of Kannadigas, as she has dubbed for a film in her voice for the first time. “I don’t know how people will react. But my attempt to dub in a language that I have been part of will bring me close to the audience. Acting and dubbing makes the job complete. Now, I feel, I am a proper Kannada actor,” says Shanvi, adding, “My voice suits the character I play in the film.”

This is the second time she is teaming up with Ganesh, and says working with such actors is a big learning opportunity. “Ganesh is a brilliant performer, and all he needs is one take, unless he wants to do it again. He is so quick that if you don’t concentrate, you will miss the moment. After working with him in two films, I have at least learned to match his speed. To perform with a performer is always a challenge. That’s one of the reasons I accepted Geetha, and I always look forward to working with such actors,” she explains.

The result also depends on the director and how the vision is executed, says Shanvi. According to her, debutant director Vijay Naagendra is a straight forward person who doesn’t exaggerate or boast about anything. “On the sets, I always questioned him about my role, and used to ask him whether my character was shaping up the way it was narrated. I was doubtful, but he always assured me that mine was a special character, and that the story moves with me. It was up to me to believe him, because he knew what he was doing, which is a good thing,” she added.

Apart from Geetha, the actor is looking forward to the release of Avane Srimannarayana, which stars Rakshit Shetty, and is waiting to resume shooting for Ravi Chandra. She is deliberately becoming selective about the projects she takes up now. 

“After putting in some years in the industry, we don’t cut down on films on purpose. With experience, we know what kind of characters we want to do, and would fit in. I am ready to take up a film which comes with a beautiful character and script, and the director with a vision. I have stopped picking up random roles, or ones that I have done a few times already, as that doesn’t interest me anymore. Every actor has the motto of growing with every film and character,” she emphasises.

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