‘It took time for me to understand the character I play in Love 360’: Rachana Inder

'Playing Girija in HKGK, and Jaanu in Love 360 has given me the confidence to speak a lot,' says Rachana.
Actress Rachana Inder.
Actress Rachana Inder.

Rachana Inder, who made her debut in Krishna’s Love Mocktail and followed with the sequel also got to share screen space with Rishab Shetty in Hari Kathe Alla Girikathe.

The young talent, who has been part of multi-starrers finally gets to play the solo female lead in Shashank’s Love 360. “When I entered the industry, it never occurred to me that I was not the solo heroine. All I thought was about the story and the quality of the projects. These two films and the yet-to-be-released Tribble Riding also helped me groom myself as an actor, and now I’m elated that director Shashank is introducing me as the solo female lead,” says Rachana, who is paired opposite Praveen in the romantic drama, which is set to hit theatres on August 19.

Going by the rushes of the film, Rachana is playing a character with mental health issues.

“Initially, I didn’t understand the role. However, workshops by Shashank, and by taking references from a few films helped me connect with the character. Otherwise, this role would have been complicated. I stayed in the mind of the character even when I wasn’t shooting,” she says.

“Playing Girija in HKGK, and Jaanu in Love 360 has given me the confidence to speak a lot,” says Rachana, who feels her role in this Shashank film is very special.

“I’m glad to have got such a challenging role so early in my career,” shares the actor, who says that Priyanka Chopra’s role in Barfi was an inspiration to play her role in Love 360. With music by Arjun Janya, the cinematography of Love 360 is by Abhilash Kalathi.

Apart from Love 360, Rachana is also part of Tribble Riding, in which she gets to star alongside Ganesh. “I’m also in talks with a couple of directors, and the projects will be announced once I sign the dotted line.”

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