‘Technicians are my heroes, and they are with me at every step of my direction’

Ek Love Ya, which is set to screen on February 24, marks Prem's third romantic film after Excuse Me and Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melide.
Poster of 'Ek Love Ya'.(Photo | IMDb)
Poster of 'Ek Love Ya'.(Photo | IMDb)

Director Prem, who has worked with stars like Darshan, Puneeth Rajkumar, Shivarajkumar and Sudeep, is set to launch the careers of w and Reeshma Nanaiah in the upcoming romantic thriller, Ek Love Ya. “The film wouldn’t have been made if Raana (Prem’s brother-in-law) didn’t express his wish to become a hero, says Prem.

Ek Love Ya, which is set to screen on February 24, marks the filmmaker’s third romantic film after Excuse Me and Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melide. “I prefer launching an actor in a romantic subject because it is always the best bet. I don’t opt for an action-based subject because I am wary about the audience accepting a debutant in it,” he says.

Prem reveals that Ek Love Ya was initially titled Excuse Me2. “Since was a big hit, I thought a title like Excuse Me 2 would create a good buzz. However, the rights of the title were with somebody else. They were willing to give away the title provided I direct the project under their production. Since we intended to back the film under our home banner Rakshitha Film Factory, we decided to go with a new title, Ek Love Ya. The title, which was designed with hearts and a lifeline, was apt to explain this love story,” says Prem.

Incidentally, Ek Love Ya is based on a real-life incident, which took place in Haasan. “I took a leaf out of this story, and we worked on it for six months and converted it into a thriller,” says Prem, who also bills Ek Love Ya as a musical that has seven songs composed by Arjun Janya. “I usually consider music as the film’s soul and allot 6-12 months for developing the music. It is almost like making a small-budget film,” Prem explains.

Prem has a signature style to his filmmaking and candidly admits that he never shows his films to the producers, and doesn’t even reveal the entire story to the lead cast and other actors. It is only the technicians who are in the know. “Technicians are the ones who are with me at every step of the way. That way, I’m fortunate to have been associated with the best technicians like composer Arjun Janya and cinematographer Mahendra Simha aka Tiger in Ek Love Ya,” the director shares.

Prem says that the lead cast of Ek Love Ya including Rachita Ram, newbies Raana and Reeshma Nanaiah, and every cast member has done a fantastic job. “A romantic thriller is completely a new genre for me,” says the director, who wants the audience to come with an open mind without being burdened by expectations. Prem reveals that by working with fresh faces he also became a newcomer. “I want cine-goers to keep the name ‘Prem’ aside, and watch the film for the effort made by this young talents,” he signs off.

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