Embracing Upendra’s vision, 'UI' faces a challenge at the edit desk

The much anticipated multilingual film wraps up shooting, and is now in the post-production stages; sets its sights on a December release
Team UI at the edit desk
Team UI at the edit desk

Upendra and his team have successfully wrapped up shooting for UI, except for a special song planned to be filmed in October, after receiving tunes from music director Ajaneesh Loknath. The focus has now shifted to post-production, and the actor-director, who has taken on multiple responsibilities, is currently supervising the editing of the film by Deepu S Kumar.

 According to the team, editing under Upendra’s direction is a great challenge and it will take a month’s time to finish their work on the film. Following the editing process, the team will proceed to dub it in multiple languages.

Concurrently, the makers are dedicatedly working on the VFX, which is supervised by Naveen Manohar, a proficient VFX expert and one of the producers of UI, and is being carried out remotely in the USA by Nirmal and team.

UI has sparked great anticipation, primarily because it signifies Upendra’s return to directing after a decade. The versatile personality has already made a lasting impact with his previous directorial ventures such as Shhh, Om, A, Swasthik, H20, Upendra, Super, and Uppi 2. However, UI has managed to elevate expectations even higher with its captivating posters and, especially, the unique approach employed by the actor-director for this technology-driven project, which includes the utilisation of a setup comprising over 200 DSLR cameras.

Additionally, a complete sequence was filmed using virtual reality, offering a promise of an immersive cinematic experience and further intensifying the anticipation surrounding the film.

Despite keeping the plot under wraps, all eyes are on Upendra and the much-discussed UI. The makers have set their sights on a year-end release, with the film scheduled to grace screens worldwide in December, and a specific date is expected to be finalised soon.

UI brings together accomplished technicians and has Shiva Kumar taking care of the art direction. UI is jointly bankrolled by G Manoharan (Lahari Films) and KP Sreekanth (Venus Entertainers) the film has Reeshma Nanaiah as the female lead and Murali Sharma in crucial roles along with Sunny Leone and Nidhi Subbaiah making special appearances.

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