'Bad Manners' delves into the intricate facets of Rudra

says director Suri as he sheds light on his upcoming project
A still from the film
A still from the film

Director Suri is someone who strongly believes in deliberate pacing rather than haste. He emphasises the importance of delivering products that resonate with the audiences. He carefully spaces out his film releases to consistently provide audiences with the anticipated entertainment, and he is gearing up for the release of Bad Manners this week. Renowned for delving into authentic narratives from the urban underbelly, director Suri ventures into the realm of guns, in his upcoming film, Bad Manners, featuring Abhishek Ambareesh, Rachita Ram and Priyanka Kumar as the principal cast.


While Suri relishes action dramas and thrillers, he invests in comprehensive studies within his chosen subjects. For Bad Manners, focusing on the theme of guns, Suri sought input from former IPS officer Umesh to accurately portray the societal systems surrounding firearm procurement and distribution. However, he clarifies, “This film is not merely a documentary on gun manufacturing but a portrayal of Rudra’s journey, exploring both his virtuous and flawed attributes in Bad Manners.”

Suri’s films are lauded for their trademark reverse screenplay. He’s embraced a fresh approach in narrating the tale of Bad Manners.“From Duniya till today, none of my films have been created without collaborative effort,” Suri asserts.“This time, I’ve gone with the creative process along with a younger cadre of technicians. Amri and Surendranath co-authored the story and screenplay with me, and Masti has handled the dialogues. While Charan Raj composed the music, Shekar has managed the cinematography. Together, we’ve assembled a compelling final product,”he states.

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