‘Apart from the friendship factor, I was also satisfied with my role in Tatsama Tatbhava’: Prajwal Devaraj

Prajwal Devaraj shares his experience playing a cop role in ‘Tatsava Meghana Raj Sarja’s comeback film directed by Vishal Atreya
Prajwal Devaraj
Prajwal Devaraj

It is clear that Prajwal Devaraj has a strong affinity for the khaki. This actor, who first played a cop in Kote, has since featured in over four films with this distinguished attire. Remarkably, Prajwal shares that it wasn’t a deliberate choice.

The actor dons the khaki yet again in Tatsama Tatbhava, which is hitting screens on September 15. “The primary goal was to revive Meghana Raj Sarja’s presence in the film industry. Meanwhile, Vishal Atreya pitched the concept to Panna (Pannaga Bharana), like any other director seeking input. Pannaga, who had plans to kickstart production, decided to launch his inaugural venture with Meghana. Subsequently, he sent the director my way to gauge my opinion.

A still from the film
A still from the film

Given that it was his maiden production, I agreed to review the script. I was captivated by Vishal’s narrative and inquired about the actor set to portray the cop. He revealed his interest in casting me for the role. That’s when I discussed it with Meghana, who said, ‘DJ, do this for me,’ and I agreed. Despite accepting the role out of friendship, I found immense satisfaction in the character crafted by Vishal,” says Prajwal Devaraj, adding, “Pannaga’s transition as a producer was a topic of discussion among Chiru (Chiranjeevi Sarja), me, and others. It was always on the horizon.”

Tatsama Tatbhava is an investigative thriller, and as the trailer suggests, it revolves around the mysterious disappearance of the husband of Meghana’s character. “It’s unlike any role I’ve undertaken before, and it’s entirely new. Tatsama Tatbhava doesn’t take any cinematic liberties; everything is rooted in reality. I dedicated a week to prepare for this character. The role breaks away from the conventional format with no bombastic dialogues or flashy shots—just a pure focus on investigation and performance.  Audiences will witness a different side of me on the silver screen.” Prajwal says.

Personally, Prajwal Devaraj leans towards comedy, but he derives immense pleasure from crime thrillers. “Many films are predictable, and one can easily guess what comes next. However, Tatsama Tatbhava is different, and that’s what drew me to the film. I appreciate the way Vishal developed this character—a cop who relishes cooking and applies it to solving cases. He approaches each case from every angle,” says Prajwal as he gives a brief about his role. “Vishal’s brilliance shines through in his writing, and it’s highly likely that we’ll see future collaborations between us.” he reveals. Meanwhile. Prajwal has Gana, Mafia, and another project with Lohith H in the pipeline. “Come October, I’ll begin shooting on a project with Kalai master,” he concludes.

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