I've always strived to explore diverse genres: Director Venkat Bharadwaj

He mentions that his upcoming project, Naguvina Hoogala Mele, holds special significance
Director Venkat Bharadwaj (L). A still from the movie 'A Day in the City' (R)
Director Venkat Bharadwaj (L). A still from the movie 'A Day in the City' (R)

Venkat Bharadwaj, the director of A Day in the City, Bablusha, and Kempiruve, is exploring the romantic action genre for the first time with Naguvina Hoogala Mele, and he describes it as an inspirational true story. Ahead of the film’s release this week, he discusses his film and his firsthand experience attempting such a genre.

“I have completed over nine films, and from my very first movie, A Day in the City, to my latest endeavour, I’ve always strived to explore diverse genres in my filmmaking journey,” says Venkat Bharadwaj, adding, “Naguvina Hoogala Mele marks my debut in the romantic action genre. As my 10th feature film, this project holds special significance for me.” He has chosen Abhidass and Sharanya Shetty, who gained popularity from the serial Gattimela, as the lead pair, along with Harish Bhatt, Girish Bettappa, Bala Rajawadi, Benaka Nanjappa, and Aashay Sujay to play pivotal characters.

According to Venkat, who made the film inspired by a true event, love depends on individual values, circumstances, and the dynamics of relationships. “The film portrays the challenges of a five-year long-distance romance where innocent hearts grapple with separation, evolving dreams, and unexpected obstacles through the characters Tanu and Manu, played by the leads.”

Venkat emphasises that the perspective of love can transcend age boundaries. “Love evolves and manifests differently at different stages of life, involving characters ranging from 8 years to 80 years old. Each age group could bring unique perspectives on love, adding depth and richness to the narrative, which is one of the key points of Naguvina Hoogala Mele.”

Apart from directing, Venkat has written the story and screenplay. This project also marks the first venture for producer KK Radhamohan, who is bankrolling the project under Sri Sathya Sai Arts. The dialogues for Naguvina Hoogala Mele is written by Abhishek Iyengar, with music by Lovv Pran Mehta, and Pramod Bharateeya has taken care of the cinematography.

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