I don’t like characters that go overboard with police roles or turn them into comical figures: Actor Vijay Raghavendra

Actor Vijay Raghavendra discusses his return to the khaki uniform in 'Case of Kondana'.
Actor Vijay Raghavendra
Actor Vijay Raghavendra

Vijay Raghavendra once again dons the khaki attire, reigniting his fondness for khaki for the fourth time. As the actor steps into the shoes of an investigative officer, unraveling suspense and intricacies, he describes the experience as a distinct one, “The character is unique. I portray a much younger and more impulsive role than I did in Seetharam Benoy. I play Wilson, Kondana is a fictitious locale envisioned by director Devi Prasad Shetty. The film revolves around crime, and it extends beyond my individuality.”

Undoubtedly, Vijay Raghavendra showcases his versatility, but when asked about his affinity for cop roles, he shares, “One honest opinion about playing a cop role is that ‘it is not facile.’ Not every actor can seamlessly fit into such roles, nor can they repeat them. It has always been my dream, and I am pushing myself to the maximum to fulfill it.” Drawing inspiration from actors like Shankar Nag and Devaraj, he emphasises the challenge of breaking out of his comfort zone, stepping away from the familiar commercial masala, and convincingly embodying the role of a cop.

Collaborating for the second time with director Devi Prasad Shetty after Seetharam Benoy, Vijay praises Shetty’s scripting and storytelling prowess. Reflecting on the film’s challenges, he remarks, “I don’t know whether I am a gifted actor or a born actor, but I am definitely a director’s actor.” In Case of Kondana, the narrative unfolds the investigator’s journey and the complexities they encounter, portrayed through my character,” he explains.

While describing his character’s impulsiveness in Case of Kondana, Vijay Raghavendra shares about the drastic steps the character takes and the subsequent consequences faced due to anger. Reuniting with Bhavana for the second time after Chowka, he expresses, “It’s an absolute pleasure working with Bhavana. The film also features performances from Rangayana Raghu, Petrol Prasanna, Sundar Raj, and some new talents, including actors from the previous project, Seetharam Benoy, who elevate the overall performance level. Collectively, Case of Kondana promises an entertaining and intense cinematic experience,” he says.

Acknowledging the difficulties in real-life police work, Vijay Raghavendra expresses his disdain for exaggerated portrayals of police characters in cinema. He insists, “I don’t like characters that go overboard with police roles or turn them into comical figures. Real-life police jobs are much more intense, and people need to connect with their journey for a better understanding.

I draw this inspiration from his father-in-law, who is a former police officer, and he highlights the importance of thinking ahead of criminals and understanding their mindsets. People like him make such roles truly exciting to portray. I don’t want to slip into the comfort zone of consistently portraying ‘khaki roles’. Nonetheless, we are in the process of planning a prequel to Seetharam Benoy, which is still in the works. I might find myself back in a cop role once again,” he concludes.

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