I love to prove myself every time I appear on screen, says Vasishta Simha

The actor discusses his upcoming film, directed by Chethan Keshav, a romantic thriller that explores complex themes.
Vasishta Simha
Vasishta Simha

Vasishta Simha, who transitioned from being a villain to a character artist and to a hero role with 2020’s India vs England, is now taking on more lead characters, and working on multiple projects across languages. He has the Kannada film Love Li and the Telugu film Yevam, both releasing on June 14.

When asked whether he should have started his acting career as a hero, Vasishta said, “No, if I did, I would have run out and gone home by now,” while adding, “But I am glad that I made the transition. I love acting and love to be busy.

Cinema is my life, and being part of it in any way makes me happy, whether it be in an antagonist, character, or comical role. I’m an artist and am never behind any tags. I should be ready to perform any given role and get recognised. I love to prove myself every time I appear on screen, and my performance should be convincing.”

Speaking about his upcoming films, including Love Li, which is releasing along with the Daali Dhananjaya starrer Kotee, Shivamma, and Chef Chidambara, Vasishta shares, “There is no competition. Every film has its own unique subject. It’s all about attempting different genres and reaching more audiences,” he says.

Discussing Love Li, directed by Chethan Keshav and produced by Ravindra Kumar, Vasishta highlights the challenges of the role. “It becomes crucial when you want to tell a delicate story. It took me three years to do this film, as it required different shades and looks. We shot portions in London, which added to the complexity. At the end of it, there was a sense of job satisfaction when I worked for it.”

The film’s budget and costumes are said to be among the highest in Vasishta’s career, but the actor remains discreet about these factors. “I can’t talk about the budget; that’s left to the producers,” he states. “But I can say it’s a film with an interesting cast and backed by a good producer. Hopefully, this film will pave the way for debut directors like Chethan Keshav to get more opportunities,” he signs off.

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