‘Good writing helps actors perform better, and director Param excelled with Kotee’

...says Dhananjay as he opens up about his upcoming film, Kotee, his experience working with a director coming from the small screen, and more
‘Good writing helps actors perform better, and director Param excelled with Kotee’

Kotee, as we learnt from director Param, showcases some of his distinctive qualities, which are brought to life through the protagonist Dhananjay plays in the film. On the other hand, the actor admits that he found it easy to portray the titular character of Kotee due to his compatibility with director Param and that their personal rapport and professional collaboration made the experience smooth.

Despite Kotee being Param’s directorial debut, Dhananjay was confident about his abilities. “I always consider the person and their ways of thinking. Param is comfortable to work with and open to discussions. I know his work for television and writing for serials, and he understands cinema as a different medium. Good writing helps actors perform better, and Param excelled in his first project,” says the actor.

Dhananjay believes that Kotee will see him return as a common man, similar to his role in Badava Rascal, but with a completely different characterisation. The film also stars Moksha Kushal, sharing screen space with Dhananjay for the first time, and Badava Rascal actors Rangayana Raghu and Tara. “These actors fit certain characters perfectly and create a kind of magic that can’t be replaced,” Dhananjay explains.

Reflecting on the title Kotee, which means crore (a large sum of money), Dhananjay mentions the excitement surrounding it. When asked about his relationship with money from childhood to now, he says, “Money deserves respect; otherwise, it won’t stay with you. If you work sincerely, you earn the right kind of money. As a child, I valued every paisa and even lied to get pocket money. I truly learned the value of money when I paid off my education loan, which I took for my engineering studies. I quit my job to pursue films and managed to clear the loan with my project, Jessie.”

Addressing the budget of Kotee, Dhananjay argues, “Why shouldn’t such a film have a high budget? When you have a star, their remuneration also counts. The script demands that budget,” he says.

Discussing whether it is worth investing crores in films in view of the scenario of the Kannada film industry, Dhananjay first refutes the notion that the industry is shutting down. “It can’t be, and secondly, it is not a solution. However, investments depend on each project.”

Coming back to Kotee, he signs off, saying, “We can’t bring an audience just by saying that we have made a film. I wanted to bring it to reach people, only after I was confident about the producer. There was honesty in every step of Param, and in his direction, and so it was with the team. With confidence, I can say Kotee is a good film that can be enjoyed by all kinds of audiences.”

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