Comedy film "Powder" release pushed to August 15 to leverage holiday season

The final 15 minutes of "Powder" promise a thrilling, roller coaster experience with intricate computer graphics work.
"Powder" release pushed to August 15 .
"Powder" release pushed to August 15 .

The comedy film Powder, which marks the first collaboration between KRG Studios and TVF, was initially slated for a July 14 release, but it has now been pushed back to August 15. The makers are encashing the holiday season, confident about competing with multiple films.

The film stars Diganth Manchale, Dhanya Ramkumar, Sharmiela Mandre, and Rangayana Raghu. A source close to team Powder revealed that the film, now in post-production, required intricate computer graphics work, which has caused the delay and cost as much as a small film’s budget. According to the makers, the final 15 minutes of Powder are set to offer audiences a thrilling, never-before-seen experience, a roller coaster ride.

Powder follows the misadventures of a group of down-on-their-luck youngsters who hatch a scheme to get rich quickly. Their ambitious plans, however, are constantly thwarted as they encounter a slew of enemies and frenemies along the way.

The film is directed by Janardhan Chikanna, as well as produced by Karthik Gowda and Yogi G Raj, along with TVF. The first song from Powder will be out early next week. The track, which marks the collaboration between noted rapper MC Bijju and musician Vasuki Vaibhav, is expected to become a youth anthem and linger in the minds of young audiences for a long time.

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