Maryade Prashne is a battle of power versus willpower ’

says Pradeepa of Sakkath Studio, who talks about the realistic revenge drama directed by Nagaraja Somayaji and its ensemble cast, while also emphasising that it’s high time to deliver what audiences crave rather than trying to prove ourselves
Cast of Maryade Prashne
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J Pradeepa's Sakkath Studio, the innovative production house behind pioneering web series like Loose Connection (Sunil Raoh), By Mistake (Poornachandra Mysuru and Siri Ravikumar), and Honeymoon (Nagabhusshan and Sanjana Anand), is now stepping into film production. Pradeepa, who previously directed the film Huchudugaru, is making his debut as a producer with Maryade Prashne, directed by Nagaraja Somayaji.

"With Sakkath Studio, we initially aimed to create a concept like TVF, introducing high-quality Kannada web series with new faces and superior production values," Pradeepa explains. "However, the pandemic forced us to sell our content to other platforms, while many actors and directors from our web series have moved on to successful mainstream careers."

Taking a brief hiatus from Sakkath Studio, Pradeepa worked at Zee Studios, gaining insights across various platforms, including cinema, television, and web series. After one and a half years, he decided to restart Sakkath Studio, leading to the creation of Maryade Prashne. The makers, who have completed shooting, are currently looking for the perfect release date. Recently, they released a song from Maryade Prashne in collaboration with Kannada pop sensation ALL OK. The song, capturing the aspirations and lives of middle-class boys, offers a vibrant and fresh take on the middle-class anthem, reflecting the film's theme beautifully.

Pradeepa shares that the project began as a writing endeavour which became a film after director Nagaraj came on board. "Our first focus was ensuring that the film resonates with both audiences and critics," Pradeepa notes. "We aimed for a cinematic experience that blends candid storytelling with a realistic narrative." Based on real incidents, the film weaves together an ensemble cast primarily set in Bengaluru’s Chamarajpet for the middle-class narrative and Indiranagar and Koramangala for the elite section. "This film explores the thin line between power and willpower, portraying both middle-class and elite perspectives," Pradeepa explains.

The diverse cast of Maryade Prashne includes Rakesh Adiga, a Bigg Boss contestant making a comeback, as someone working with a local MLA with political aspirations, Sunil Raoh as a delivery boy supporting his family, and Poornachandra Mysuru as a car driver with dreams of ownership. Other notable actors playing the middle-class characters include Rekha Kudligi, Nagendra Shah, and Teju Belawadi. The elite class characters will be essayed by Shine Shetty, Shravan, newcomer Hariharan, and Prabhu Mundkur, who plays the antagonist.

As they await the film's first copy to finalise the release date, Pradeepa highlights the importance of fresh content in the industry. “People should watch and encourage good actors, content, and teams striving to offer new experiences. We need to compete with other industries with realistic, relatable content. Audiences today can differentiate and identify good content; it's high time we deliver what they crave rather than trying to prove ourselves."

Technically, the film boasts Arjun Ramu as music director and Sandeep Valluri, known for his work in Gowli, as cinematographer. New talents include Prateek Mahesh as colourist and Arjun and Sanketh as editors.

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