Filmmaker Rabin Ranji’s road to movie magic

It was in 2016 that Rabin Ranji, who was working in academics in Singapore, decided to be a filmmaker.
Indrans and Rabin Ranji at the launch of ‘Marigold Padmini’
Indrans and Rabin Ranji at the launch of ‘Marigold Padmini’

Rabin Ranji’s desire to see realistic scripts on screen steered him towards film making four years ago. Now, joined by his brothers Ritin and Rohin, the team has come out with interesting and diverse content

It was in 2016 that Rabin Ranji, who was working in academics in Singapore, decided to be a filmmaker. He was pondering over the Soumya murder case that happened in 2011 and wanted to craft a movie around it. “I was not a producer at the time. It was not about making money. I was passionate about seeing realistic scripts on screen,” he says. He approached Indrans who did the lead role in the short film ‘Kalki’. The encouragement the actor gave set Rabin and his team on the right track. The film, directed by Harish Mohan, starring Indrans and Vineeth Mohan, turned out to be a gripping social thriller that strongly protests against the atrocities women face. The movie was even selected for the Singapore South Asian International Film Festival in 2018.

Soon after, Rabin was joined by his brothers Ritin Ranji and Rohin Ranji and the trio started Ranji Brothers Productions, an international film production company. Ever since, the team has brought out some great content through short films, documentaries and music videos. ‘Omana Thingal Kidavo’, released in 2018 was their next project that spoke of motherhood, memories and emotions that come with it. Directed by Titto P Thankachen, the movie reached the semi-finals of Los Angeles CineFest 2018 and won the Swastika Short Film Competition 2019.

Though he was new to the field, Rabin says the industry is supportive of aspiring artists. “I still remember meeting Indrans and telling him about Kalki. He said, just tell me where to come for the shoot. Similarly, people like Manoj K Jayan and Gautham Vasudev Menon helped and encouraged us on our journey,” he adds. Their third project ‘Selling Dreams’, an English motivational video that inspires one and all to never give up on their passion and ambitions, was shared by many leading actors from the industry.

However, Rabin thinks the pandemic has completely shifted the way movies and content are being made and launched. “We are shifting from a movie theatre-based experience to a digital one. Since Covid-19 broke out, many OTT platforms have mushroomed across the world. This is giving everyone more opportunities to experiment and a platform to exhibit. The number of web series and short films releasing now is proof that people are stepping out of their comfort zone,” he says. According to Rabin, this also means that the viewer is king. “There is no pre-conception or star value. People are at home and glued to phones and laptops. If you make a movie that catches your attention in three minutes, you win,” 
he quips. 

Ranji Brothers Productions’ next project ‘Marigold Padmini’ which was announced in December last year has been delayed by the pandemic. A music video is also on the way. Though the brothers are employed in different sectors as of now, Rabin believes that soon, filmmaking will be a full-time profession, one that they will be happy to accept.

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