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'Rasbhari' review: This Swara Bhasker-starrer adult comedy 'tries too hard'

While Swara Bhaskar sells the sex siren role, the one-note definition becomes monotonous as the series progresses.

published : 05 Jul 2020

Homemade review: A group of filmmakers unite to elevate lockdown cinema

You have Mayroun and the Unicorn by Nadine Labaki & Khaled Mouzanar, which is an uninterrupted scene of a daughter in her dad’s office.

published : 04 Jul 2020

Bhanumathi Ramakrishna review: A sensible new-age love story

The film’s mature writing ensures that these characters come across as real people, and not just archetypes.

published : 04 Jul 2020

Sufiyum Sujatayum review: A tepid romance with some fine performances

The film shows some promise in the opening scenes which carry a sense of foreboding. Much attention has been paid to how the environment should react to certain events.

published : 04 Jul 2020

'The Twilight Zone Season 2' review: An inconsistent follow-up with hits and misses

Back when it was first created in 1959, it captured the mood of the times and managed to explore horror and thriller elements in a sci-fi backdrop.

published : 01 Jul 2020

'Dark' season 3 review: Light at the end of the cave

Dark, set in a small German town Winden, is about a series of missing children and supernatural occurrences that change the lives of a few families.

published : 01 Jul 2020

Can’t Redeem this Dud

The case of Artemis Fowl is a curious one.

published : 28 Jun 2020

Krishna and His Leela review: An effortlessly deep exploration of modern romance

It’s a dance between entertaining conversations and energetic montages, flavoured all the while by a score, which includes, quite relevantly, a remix of Alaipayuthey Kanna.

published : 27 Jun 2020

Bhonsle review: Manoj Bajpayee is masterful in a deeply moving film

It’s the same slur he’s been using to flame anti-Bihari sentiments in a Mumbai chawl. Here, though, the context is revised.

published : 27 Jun 2020

Nobody Knows I’m Here review: A compelling character study elevated by Jorge Garcia

This is one of those films that makes the viewer work for the answers they are seeking

published : 27 Jun 2020

'Bulbbul' review: A bewitching tale of trauma and heartbreak

A slender mix of supernatural horror and social commentary, Bulbbul — produced by Anushka Sharma and out on Netflix — is a bewitching tale of trauma and heartbreak.

published : 25 Jun 2020

'The Sinner' Season 3 review: A solid and gritty new season that outdoes old ones

It is said that The Sinner was initially conceived as a close-ended series based on German writer Petra Hammesfahr’s book of the same name.

published : 23 Jun 2020

'7500' review: Joseph Gordon-Levitt saves the day, and the film

The 92-minutes film isn’t about fancy long shots across the length of the fuselage to capture emotions of occupants; it’s about plain capturing of the emotions and actions of two individuals.

published : 20 Jun 2020

'Aarya' review: An engaging, unhurried crime drama

Often, the stakes in these films concerned the safety and security of a child. It’s at this juncture that we meet her again, ten years after she took a break from Hindi screens.

published : 20 Jun 2020

'Penguin' review: Keerthy Suresh is good, the movie is not

The one person to truly emerge unscathed from Penguin is the one whose character suffers the most within it: Keerthy Suresh.

published : 20 Jun 2020