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'Losing My Marbles' movie review: A therapeutic film about anxiety and self-acceptance

There is a new Portuguese film out on Amazon Prime Video, which I decided to check out for a simple reason.

published : 08 May 2021

'The Boy from Medellin' review: A reggaeton star is analysed in a riveting documentary

The seven-day period in November 2019 is to culminate in a massive concert in Medellin – the Colombian boy’s hometown.

published : 08 May 2021

'Meel Patthar' movie review: Deeply moving rumination on life

Another Coen Brothers’ film, Inside Llewyn Davis, comes to mind too, when acknowledging the miserable existence of Ghalib.

published : 08 May 2021

'Thi.Mi.Ram' movie review: An unsettling portrait of a chauvinist

Though Sudhakaran is at the centre of everything in Thi.Mi.Ram, it’s also about the conflicts encountered by his son Ram.

published : 07 May 2021

'Stowaway' movie review: An intriguing space thriller 

The film begins like a slow burner, but as the revelations unfold, the pace really picks up and the most admirable aspect of Stowaway is how it avoids any distractions from its central idea.

published : 02 May 2021

'The Disciple' movie review: A stunning meditation on artistic despair

Chaitanya Tamhane's second feature after 'Court' boasts his unique visual style and uncommon depth.

published : 01 May 2021

'Things Heard & Seen' movie review: Interesting, but not impressive

The latest Netflix horror film has a clever concept, yet fails to scare - but maybe it isn't meant to.

published : 01 May 2021

8 1/2 Intercuts documentary review: A fitting, unbiased tribute to a maverick filmmaker

When the film gets discussed again, this time by an emotionally overwhelmed George, it becomes the documentary’s most moving moment.

published : 29 Apr 2021

Life in Colour: Marvelous celebration of colours from nature

As the name suggests, it shows the dynamic colours of the natural world and delves into how they are used.

published : 27 Apr 2021

'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' review: Mediocre writing puts paid to Marvel’s admirable intentions

After the fantastic WandaVision, we now have The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that works better as a ‘larger than life’ story than it does as something relatable.

published : 26 Apr 2021

'Why did you kill me' on Netflix is criminally dull

While the subject matter is awe-inspiring, the documentary really fails to capture all the intrigue.

published : 25 Apr 2021

'Mortal Kombat' movie review: This uninspired adaptation extracts a fatality in you

All you want is for the film to establish reasonable explanations for why heads are being severed and arms are being ripped off.

published : 24 Apr 2021

'Kathmandu Connection' review: Amit Sial anchors a Shaky thriller

A cliffhanger in the opening episode of Kathmandu Connection left me grinning with delight.

published : 24 Apr 2021

'Across the Ocean' review: A breezy drama about self-love and independence

Across the Ocean has two characters with lofty aspirations in two different continents.

published : 23 Apr 2021

'Minari' review: A poignant, modest drama of grandiose hope

Minari is not seamless as it progresses through time showing bits and pieces of intimate family moments, but that doesn’t take anything away from the movie.

published : 20 Apr 2021