'Chamak' review: A Fresh Take on Love

The film explores relationship after marriage, and how much of each gets committed to it.
'Chamak' review: A Fresh Take on Love

Film: Chamak

Director: Suni

Cast: Ganesh, Rashmika Mandanna, SadhuKokila, Sumithra

Rating: 4/5

Suni knows to keeps his subject unique and with Chamak, he succeeds not only in making his characters loveable but also ‘lastable’, With Kush  (Ganesh) and Kushie (Rashmika Mandanna), The director manages to create an aura that leads us to define romance at a different level. We fall in love all over again.

The film explores relationship after marriage, and how much of each gets committed to it, which is quite relevant is today. For a gynaecologist, who is also a party animal, Kush is pressurised to marry. He gets entangled with Kushie.  When they could not discover love as husband and wife, they decide to live as friends and try sparking a new relationship. But the importance of their relationship is known when both drift apart, especially when Kushie gets to know that she is pregnant with Kush’s child. How they move ahead with life and rekindle their love all over again is Chamak.

Suni succeeds to add punch with humour and it is mostly with his one-liners. But he balances it with seriousness which is where he succeeds. But what the audience may not appreciate much is the slow
take in the second half. Cutting short a runtime might work better.

Well fitting into the story is Ganesh, who has played a role of his age. He has the knack of keeping the family audience glued, and emotionally connects to them with his dialogues and expressions.
Rashmika Mandanna emerges as a good artiste in her third outing. The actress, who comes in two shades has taken responsibility with her character, and it shows.

With supporting artistes well falling in place, the film sees a slightly negative shade of Sadhu Kokila, which is good to come out from a comedian.Judah Sandy has given a unique album to Chamak, which blends well with the story and has deeply worked with the background score. Santhosh Rai Pathaje has brought in rich picturisation with his camera techniques.Highly recommended to all those who are just in the marriage age, getting into the wedlock.

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