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Predictable but charming

One wishes that Krinsky had not cared to include several talking heads of people displaying their donations to the Broken Hearts Gallery.

published : 07 Mar 2021

'Nenjam Marappathillai' review: A dark comedy that works brilliantly in patches

More importantly though, it’s a film that’s so original in its objective and treatment that you can barely take your eyes off it.

published : 06 Mar 2021

'Anbirkiniyal' review: A satisfying remake with an extra pinch of drama

The girl herself is an epitome of love, and Anbirkiniyal is filled with characters willing to go to any extent for love.

published : 06 Mar 2021

'Hero' review: A rare attempt at black comedy in Kannada cinema

If you are one of those who can recognize humour, wrapped in the dark cloak of violence or nestled in the gentle arms of love, then Hero is for you.

published : 06 Mar 2021

'Raya and the Last Dragon' review: Disney returns with another classic

But now that I’ve watched it, I can say the dragon and the film as a whole, surpassed all expectations with flying colours.

published : 06 Mar 2021

'A1 Express' review: Sundeep Kishan scores high in landmark film

If Natpe Thunai established that Adhi’s debut was not a flash in the pan, A1 Express aims to cement Sundeep as a bankable star, and what better way to do this than with a masala film.

published : 06 Mar 2021

'Wandavision' review: Bridging the past and the future of the MCU

In Wandavision, we get to look at the two titular characters provide a study in contrast to anger.

published : 06 Mar 2021

'The Girl and the Spider' review: A waltzing ensemble

At first, The Girl and the Spider can be confusing without being disorienting with its ensemble, but this is a feature.

published : 04 Mar 2021

'Aelay' review: A warm, funny tale bogged down by some missteps

The film begins with a voiceover that introduces us to Parthi (Manikandan making yet another case of his potential to be a lead hero) and his father Muthukutty (a brilliant Samuthirakani).

published : 01 Mar 2021

'1962: The War in the Hills' review: Trekking to disaster

It’s a fine reunion. Both Abhay and Mahie look decidedly middle-aged, missing the freshness and enthusiasm they showed in 2009.

published : 01 Mar 2021

'I Care A Lot' review: This Rosamund Pike-starrer knows how to con you right

A typical day of this cunning con-woman, who calls herself lioness, involves hunting for vulnerable old prey, who she then takes into her ‘care’ facility. Lions hunt in packs.

published : 28 Feb 2021

'Thirike' review: A fresh take on a familiar tale of brotherhood 

Men kidnapping their brothers in movies is not a new thing.

published : 27 Feb 2021

'Sangathalaivan' review: A fairly engaging political drama despite some blemishes

Samuthirakani is an interesting actor, who cleverly balances his loud, political films with fun, masala entertainers.

published : 27 Feb 2021

'Check'  review: This Telugu flick is not as clever as a chess movie should be

Somewhere in the film, Aditya (Nithiin in the role of a terror-convict) is seen wearing a T-shirt on which are written these words: ‘League of Legends’.

published : 27 Feb 2021

'Ninnila Ninnila' review: A delectable tale of love, loss and longing

However, Ninnila Ninnila isn’t just about food. It is also about friendship, family, and love.

published : 27 Feb 2021